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Auto Repair: Serpentine Belt Replacement

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15 Responses to “Auto Repair: Serpentine Belt Replacement”

  1. IIIEOMIII says:

    Good video. Thx.

  2. guitaristwagner says:

    the belt on my 99 taurus doesnt seem to come off so easily, its pissing me off i loosen the bolt on the belt tensioner pulley and the belt doesnt come loose that easily its really frusturating

  3. MehrerPerformances says:

    would a 94 s10 have a belt tesioner thingy? im used to my 66 pontiac that doesnt have all of the shot.

  4. shad0wh3arts says:

    great video, thanks! 🙂

  5. joshua1auhsoj says:

    this really is a great belt.

  6. joshua1auhsoj says:

    i mean video.

  7. damwmnm says:

    I wish mine had a self tensioner.

  8. Nirvalica says:

    Me too lol I have to loosen the power steering pulley.

  9. ezkeyboardkid58 says:

    you dont suppose to loosen the bolt you push the bolt away opposite from the belt its you will feel the tension release

  10. fourorthree says:

    great tips
    had the feeling that these guys really take care.
    especially mentioning the drawing and keeping the old belt for emergency situations are great tips.

  11. 3Fez4 says:

    This is a very useful video for the newbie mechanic, much appreciated.

  12. fightingisfortheweak says:

    my belt in my 97 250 vortec silverado just snapped earlier today. all day today, upon startup it would make a wierd noise n graduly fade, then on my way home it was making a whipping noise then it stopped and started to smell like burnt rubber. then my truck had a hard time running after that, i shut it off and pulled the snapped belt out. what causes a rubber coated copper insulated serpentine belt to snap at low rpm? how do i chck for seized pulleys? shud they all b easy to turn by hand?

  13. lobextomy says:

    Not all cars have a self tensioning pulley., especially the ones that have separate belts for alternators, ac, and water pumps. You must check a repair manual for you specific car

  14. xiaoxindiar says:


  15. Chewychaca says:

    Clear, simple but very thorough instructions, Thank you…

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