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A number of symptoms can indicate a problem with a transmission, including grinding in gear changes, excessive gear noise, difficulty shifting or a burnt smell from the fluid. Check to see if a transmission is dealing with excessive friction with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on troubleshooting car problems. Expert: JB Hebert Contact: Bio: JB Hebert is a machinist, metal fabricator, and auto mechanic who has been fixing and modifying all things mechanical for over 20 years. Filmmaker: David Pakman

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25 Responses to “Auto Repair : Symptoms of a Transmission Problem”

  1. masaraper says:

    my 1995 mazda mx6 can only shif to 1st 2nd and 3rd gear and can only go 30 mph !what the problem???I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!

  2. jromero8909 says:

    verry good

  3. sl2k4u says:

    my car do not seem to change gears, and when it does stalls a little bit, is that a transmission problem…?

  4. joymusic09 says:

    Hi, I have a 1988 Lincoln…I have been told that my 3rd gear in my transmission is broken…
    am I required to replace the whole transmission?

  5. yarigalo says:

    what does something like that cost

  6. caddyking37 says:

    my reverse is out

  7. gambitsmooth says:

    that cost the price of a new transmission about 2000 usually then whatever they charge for labor

  8. MilitantAtheistAhole says:

    better to just fucking buy a new car for the cost of a tranny.

  9. gambitsmooth says:

    its cheaper to fix it

  10. MilitantAtheistAhole says:

    not if u have a 1990’s and below car. My car is only worth in mint condition 1500. My tranny cost 1300 to buy.

  11. CrazyAsianMan18 says:

    i just bought a new one about 6 months ago and it was burn so i change the fulid and it still won shift the way it use to dose this mean i need to bring it to services or need to buy a new transsmision

  12. dornier2828 says:

    I have 1996 jeep grand cherokee, 6 cylinder 4.0 liter, this jeep is making noise when I shift in reverse, parking is ok , 1, 2 and drive is ok and no noise but just when I shit in reverse make grinding noise any sugestion will be nice and very helpful thanks ,

  13. skcfa1649 says:

    try adjusting your trans bands, i had same problem and adjusting the trans bands solved the problem

  14. ericrichard7 says:

    Probably the shift solnoid is fucked up. The hydraulic system controls the shifting of your transmissions and shift solnoid will control the fluid that goes into the valve bodyof the transmission; directing where the transmission fluid where it belongs. HAVE A PRO CHECHED THAT OUT.

  15. jayguy173 says:

    take it to a tranny shop and you pay less to just install certian parts

  16. MilitantAtheistAhole says:

    picked up a haynes book and taking some trips to the junk yard.

  17. 02superregency says:

    i got a 02 gmc sierra and my transmission wont shit to 2nd gear unless i let off the gas and it also wont downshift when i step on it can anyone help??????

  18. yumyumsashimi says:

    I have a 1968 Chrysler 727 tourqeflight that does nothing in reverse but all foward gears work fine. Do i need to rebuild the tranny? it has 118,000 miles on the orginal trans.

  19. jayguy173 says:

    by time you have a noise your screwed

  20. jayguy173 says:

    that can mean a bad part to something being clogged

  21. jayguy173 says:

    try unplugging the battery for 5 minutes to clear the computer

  22. jayguy173 says:

    then the reverse brake band is worn, im not sure if they still make parts for a 68

  23. aman2live4 says:

    yeah, i have a ’94 mustang w/ auto transmission and the fluid deffenitely smells buned wen u smell it, and it will shift from 1st to 2nd gear but no futher than 2nd, the RPMs go wayy up then it slips out of and u have to put it in neutral then back into drive wich will be in 2nd gear.

  24. SampleMaster90 says:

    i have an 01 ford focus with auto trans n ma car wont even move when its in also slips right after 2nd gear…..goes way to gear 6 or 7 b4 it finally catches??

  25. VictoriaGonzales says:

    my 2005 ford focus does the same thing ? its going in the shop on wen… they told me it may be a tranm… problem or a electronic problem?

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