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13 Responses to “Auto Repair: Troubleshooting The Cooling System – 1 of 3”

  1. DJControllerC says:

    OFF THE HICK!!!!! ive been wanting to learn about cars for so long

  2. cooolcars says:

    much better than expert village

  3. lslight1234 says:

    this dude is gay

  4. bog1e says:

    LOL! but beyond that it was informative.

  5. tmp197 says:

    so what’s your point?

  6. brownmachine6969 says:


  7. defprun says:

    Scott Cusey, you are the fucking man.

  8. chevyweld says:

    auto work 101,hpoe they get the right temp. stat. to low tep will mess with the comuter! what do u do when the rad.sets lower that the t-stat????? and u have to get the air out???? ops!

  9. ezkeyboardkid58 says:

    ford hose clamps are a pain in the ass

  10. HunterCO1 says:

    complete jackass nothing more needs to be said!

  11. cyphi1 says:

    I’ve got a problem with my car overheating. I had a coolant flush. The problem persisted. Then, I had a pressure check, which indicated a small leak near the the water pump, the water pump was replaced. I’m not sure what else to have checked. I am losing coolant. It happened last summer too, but it corrected itself when it began to get cold. Some people suggested getting my thermostat replaced, but would that also cause loss of coolant?

  12. memomota says:

    @defprun mamalo…caele al cierre

  13. 200twistatwista says:

    Most excellent video : O

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