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Auto-Tune Cute Kids and Kanye

Free Kanye & Charlie Bit Me ringtones: (under the Music tab) A remix ATTN #2 with the melodies of cherubic children and cherubic Kanye. Who is the best unintentional singer?! You tell us. Here are your choices– Kanye? Harry (Charlie’s brother)? Charlie? Child with banana? Child trying to steal banana? Balloon Boy?

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25 Responses to “Auto-Tune Cute Kids and Kanye”

  1. migue06 says:

    coool ass video

  2. chelssiie says:

    wow xD

  3. crh2010 says:

    charlie bit me

  4. TechHouseIncMusic says:

    Awesome dude πŸ™‚ 5/5… Oh, yeah right, thumb up ^.^

  5. sirkyle27 says:

    kanye definitely sounds better by accident πŸ˜›

  6. sasan8800 says:

    1:33 to 1:39 lmao

  7. XoSaP says:

    does anyone know the original video of the child with the banana?

  8. khaledch10 says:

    probably played this video more then a hundred times πŸ˜€

  9. iguinribeiro says:

    1.put you hand over ur mouth and make a wish
    2.put your hand on ur heart for 5 secs
    3.put this comment on 3 videos.
    and the next day will the best day of ur life

  10. Mi13y4M3 says:

    if kanye did it in autotune id have forgiven him ahahaha

  11. ddiinaa says:

    Is cooool!

  12. Liingeron says:

    Where were you Shawtayee? hahaha xD

  13. window136 says:

    The Kanye West 1 is Epic.

  14. YTviewer118 says:

    this is actually a really addictive song/video xD

  15. akabetterthenyou says:

    fuck this is the real shit kanye was the best yooo yooo taylor im realy happy for u ima let u finish

  16. StandAlone2323 says:

    ok, charlie’s brother is the best. that works so well, i almost can’t believe its not intentional. great work with this! πŸ™‚

  17. hatsipatutsi008 says:

    where the hell did that banana boy come from?

  18. MrH2daE says:

    best video ever!

  19. xxsillyspoonxx says:


  20. olfan92 says:

    this is normal sound but with autotune πŸ˜›

  21. MrTyliee says:

    How Do You Get The Translate Audio Captions Thingy On Your Video??

  22. MeawMeaw123 says:

    kanye of cource

  23. XLScar says:

    @MrTyliee you can make a file in Notepad and save it as a certain extension to upload your own captions. and usually you dont capitalize the first letter in every word in your sentence… just sayin.

  24. greedgame14 says:

    @hatsipatutsi008 Dont Know D:

  25. RandomRainbowsShow says:

    lol this is amazing!!

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