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A car could have a clutch problem if the car engine accelerates but the car does not move faster. Diagnose a slipping clutch with the car maintenance tips in this free video on automotive repair from a professional auto mechanic. Expert: Dave Erb Contact: Bio: Dave Erb is an ASE Certified Master L1 Technician with 21 years experience in automotive care and maintenance. Filmmaker: Todd Green

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15 Responses to “Automotive Troubleshooting : How to Diagnose a Slipping Clutch in Your Car”

  1. farwest110 says:

    ok, what would be this problem: i have a new, stick chevy truck. at high speeds i let it coast 4 a while. Then, when i go to give it gas, a split second hesitation and then a horrible “CLUNK” befor i get power again. They are sayin its “normal”………B.S. please help if you have heard of this, thanks.

  2. shotgun8left says:

    you might have a striped gear or your flywheel is missing a tooth or two. it may also be that your engine is misfiring or your tranny just needs to be replaced.

    basically it can be a ton of things but thing I would do is have a mechanic drop the tranny and have a look inside.
    It could even be that when you accelerate your truck your differential is shot.

  3. bastec666 says:

    lol how about 1st gear doesn’t slip, (weak engine btw) and then 2nd/3rd/4th/5th slips past 4k or full throttle. Its a worn clutch for sure, its getting replaced tomorrow with a new master cylinder and slave cylinder (precautionary) but what a pain when driving. Cant even hit the highway right, luckily I got a great suspension and great tires so I can build speed on the off ramp away from traffic and by the time I hit the highway I’m already at 60 or 70 mph and can just jump right in.

  4. steveho75 says:

    When i moved to drive and Reverese and 1 and 2 and all of the shaft the clutch does not move at all. Can you come to my place to repair a slipping clutch of a honda crv 2000?


  5. MaddDogg81 says:

    I wonder if i would need to adjust my clutch pedal if I install a stage 2 performance clutch

  6. PierreReyesMusic says:

    He should really put that cloth down.

  7. 04YJGTO says:

    @farwest110 If it is drive by wire that explains the lag when you hit the gas because its controlled by an electric motor not a cable. and the clunk is probably the driveline loading back up they have some slack in them and that can cause a clunk

  8. gwelsh123 says:

    this bloke is like my mechanic mate that i never had..

  9. tgamirov says:

    @PierreReyesMusic he should put it in your mouth

  10. PierreReyesMusic says:

    You should stop being a cnut behind a keyboard x

  11. SystemXpander says:

    he mentioned that itll be slipping in 4th or 5th. what if the clutch just feels like its slightly slipping in only 1st gear? i experience thise slipping only when going into first and especially on slight hills. how much longer does the clutch have until it dies?

  12. DaBomb31290 says:

    “Slip” is defined as; an increase in engine speed, without a corresponding increase in road speed.

  13. PerezosoChico says:

    does this apply to a automatic transmission or just a manual?pls respond.thanks

  14. collinsup says:

    @PerezosoChico Automatic transmissions do not have a clutch. If your automatic transmission is slipping check your transmission and torque converter fluid.

  15. SnakeSafety101 says:

    Shut the fuck up with your shitty ass automatics

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