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If a car has a problem with an O2 sensor, the check engine light will usually come on. Find out when to change the O2 sensor with the car maintenance tips in this free video on automotive repair from a professional auto mechanic. Expert: Dave Erb Contact: Bio: Dave Erb is an ASE Certified Master L1 Technician with 21 years experience in automotive care and maintenance. Filmmaker: Todd Green

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16 Responses to “Automotive Troubleshooting : How to Know When to Change an O2 Sensor”

  1. swordantar says:

    Thanks for the info. really helpful!

  2. rostine1980 says:

    im getting the code p0113 on my 03 impala and thats what its saying i need 2 replace…i replaced it and its still running sluggish..what could it b?


    then i could be that your o2 sensor was reading your catalytic converter was bad not the o2 sensor being bad itself 🙂

  4. Santanavatar says:

    the oxygen sensor sends information to the ECU or ECM (the engine’s computer) and it commands the engine to allow more/less air to the intake manifold and also commands the fuel Injection to spray more/less gasoline to the cylinder. If you replace the oxygen sensor and the problem persists it is obiously the Catalytic converter.

  5. itchyscratcher says:

    can your converter/o2 sensor be carbon’ed up and some fuel injector might clean it out?

  6. jdoggydog567 says:

    what will cause my car to just rev up when its in park it will idel like usual and without me touching the pedal it just kinda revs up like im pressing the pedal every few seconds.

  7. number1hyperbusa says:


  8. jdoggydog567 says:

    i have cold air intake on it so wheres the maf sensor? its a 92 integra with a b18b1 engine

  9. jesselopez07 says:

    prolly the tps

  10. zillsbury says:

    thanks gov!

  11. willieb66 says:

    @jdoggydog567 your acura does not have a MAF sensor.

  12. willieb66 says:

    great vid

  13. willieb66 says:

    @itchyscratcher nope

  14. cano307 says:

    hi, my car has 2 OS sensor but when i do get the engine light the code basically means “engine is running too rich” would this have anything to do with the O2 sensors

  15. karlmhoon says:

    how can I fine the o2 sensor on a 98 ford taraus

  16. knockoutmaniac says:

    you are better than ExpertVillage

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