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When putting air in car tires, make sure not to over-inflate them. Learn how to put air in car tires with the car maintenance tips in this free video on automotive repair from a professional auto mechanic. Expert: Dave Erb Contact: Bio: Dave Erb is an ASE Certified Master L1 Technician with 21 years experience in automotive care and maintenance. Filmmaker: Todd Green

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10 Responses to “Automotive Troubleshooting : How to Put Air in a Tire”

  1. gold95 says:

    That didn’t explain anything…

  2. inflatingtyretubes says:

    I personally often inflated tyre with air compressor but cannot see the amount of air psi fiiled in tyre , often check with the gauge. This is not a good video for newbie as he might over inflate the Tyre or the Tyre might burst. Do just one thing, just loosen the pin of the Tyre valve slightly , u will hear a hissing sound slow continous

  3. inflatingtyretubes says:

    then just press the air hose in that hissing valve firmly and leave it after 2/3minutes. u will experience a loud noise of air while filling and also after u remove the air hose from the Tyre air valve, simply repeat it for more minutes , the more the minutes louder is the sound. Dude don’t try for more than 12minutes else the tyre will burst.

  4. landrovernutta2008 says:

    how thick can people be fuckin hell

  5. vrcsudh13 says:

    ummm…. an important detail would be to state HOW MUCH AIR YOUR TIRE NEEDS!!!!!!

  6. sbforlife12345 says:

    its different for every car check ur car manuel or w.e its called

  7. starcharm says:

    that didnt really help me

  8. Jordan92028 says:

    i have different tires then the stock tires that came on my car. I also have different rims. How do i know what the psi should be?

  9. smackdownbb4 says:


  10. savvy1954 says:

    @smackdownbb4 ,
    no more than 45psi

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