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Melted contact wires are a common cause of burned out brake lights. Replace a brake light with the car maintenance tips in this free video on automotive repair from a professional auto mechanic. Expert: Dave Erb Contact: Bio: Dave Erb is an ASE Certified Master L1 Technician with 21 years experience in automotive care and maintenance. Filmmaker: Todd Green

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10 Responses to “Automotive Troubleshooting : How to Replace a Tail, Brake or Reverse Light”

  1. PirloXXX says:

    is there a video in which you show how to replace the reverse bulb that goes in the gear box? tks

  2. Mahzian says:

    thanks for this video, it’s been a huge help 🙂

  3. lance182 says:

    mate u are a legend, i was having sooo much trouble trying to get my tail light out of my car n the clipping thing u said helped heaps… also just a note, in my car it was actaully put in with 2 pins and fitting in one of those [small to big holes], so basically i needed to push my light to the side a bit to get the pin from the small to the big hole… that way i could easily lift it out..

  4. royganang says:

    thanks man!!

  5. illicit0 says:

    awesome =D

  6. CTCL15 says:

    Thank you!

  7. forevernatalyn says:

    thanks for this video i changed my brake light in 15 mins because of this tutuorial. 🙂

  8. iihewun says:

    looks pretty easy to do, becuz of the way my money is today, im doing a lot of do it yourself, and this vid really helps

  9. vanilla1gorilla1 says:

    Im trying to remove mine and it is around 5 yrs old or so, but when i try to remove it looks like it was jammed in there. any help of trying to remove it, It? just wont budge at all

  10. jeepluv76 says:

    Hi I have a 1998 Ford Explorer The tail lights are not working and I don’t know if its the bulbs the brake switch or something else because sometimes they will light up and sometimes not and you have to push hard on the brakes for them to work please help thanks car only has 82,000 Miles. Oh and I have checked the fuses and the reverse lights work and the blinkers work too.

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