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Avoiding Common Auto Repair Mistakes

Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 42 years, shows how to avoid some common auto repair mistakes. Visit for free answers to all your car quesitons.

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25 Responses to “Avoiding Common Auto Repair Mistakes”

  1. Matthew55904 says:

    scotty ive come across 2 battery chargers 1 is a solar panel one is a emergency jump starter both plug into the cigarette lighter is it possibe to charge and jumpstart a car thru the cigarette lighter?

  2. biobain says:

    @scottykilmer hahahaha stupid people try to test ur knowledge

  3. 6Camel6Finger6 says:

    @guayacan07 you dont know what your talking about

  4. 6Camel6Finger6 says:

    @Matthew55904 i can answer this question…yes but u may need to turn the igniton on if your outlet only works when the key is turned, youll need to wait about 5 minutes for that powerbox to “share” the charge with your battery, and if you try to start it while it is plugged in you WILL blow the cig lighter fuse.
    that solar panel will take a very long time to charge you battery from dead (at least a week depending on wattage of panel/size of battery.

  5. ihaveaverybadcold says:

    hey what about when you do the compression test….the engine has to be hot right? or does it just have to be warm……

  6. cheesegoat824 says:

    You’re the man scotty. Thanks for posting all your videos on car repairs, it’s nice to see a person so knowledgeable willing to help others out.

  7. 06lew says:

    10w 40 stands for Winter not weight!

  8. 057gnb3316sef6 says:

    How many cars do you have Scotty???
    Is that grey Celica your daily driver???

  9. scottykilmer says:

    @057gnb3316sef6 I have one car, my wife has one car, my son has one car and my other son has one car. there is no grey celica, there’s a black one and a silver one. The silver one is mine. Scotty

  10. ModularMadMan says:

    I’d like to suggest that when doing oil changes, always install a high quality oil filter like a AC Delco, Motorcraft or WIX filter. I’ve seen failed engines with filter fragments in oil galleys because of cheep filters. NEVER use Fram filters, NEVER!. Also, use a high quality oil too. Motorcraft synthetic blend is my favorite. It’s ironic that the best oil filters available are also the lowest priced at the store. Great Vids Scotty!

  11. ModularMadMan says:

    When disconnecting your battery for electric repairs, always disconnect the NEGITIVE battery cable. Otherwise, if your wrench touches ground while disconnecting the positive cable, you will cause a short and create a spark. Same goes when replacing a battery. Disconnect negative cable first and connect negative cable last…

  12. ModularMadMan says:

    When installing a new filter, it is best to pre fill the filter with new oil for instant oil pressure at startup. Oil change places never do this unless told.

  13. ModularMadMan says:

    @06lew WRONG 06. “W” in 10w-40 is weight, not winter. BTW, never use 10w-40 weight oil in any modern car!

  14. Howie262 says:

    wow, My Saab 95 has a really simmilar engine. Overhead cam 2.3 liter inline turbo.
    Great car Scotty, thats when toyota was best. Now look at all thier problums, they’re so obsessest with being #1 that they skip out on quality and costs.
    Great vidioes Scotty i whach them all the time for my car!!

  15. 2fucked1 says:

    Hi Scotty.
    My question is about the oil.
    I have an old engine 270.000 KM, and has started using 15w40 instead of 10w40. I did so because it otherwise used a lot of oil when driving. There are no leaks on the ground, so must run out with the exhaustion system. Was this a bad idea, and should i look at replacing some part instead and revert back to the 10w40 oil again, or is this ok?
    Keep up the good work, I love your videos.

  16. scottykilmer says:

    @2fucked1 Na, that’s fine, it won’t hurt anything. Lots of guys do that on aging engines. Scotty

  17. 2fucked1 says:

    @scottykilmer Thanks for the fast reply Scotty. Happy new year, see you on the other side 😉

  18. DKornacki3 says:

    11,000+ views but only 80 likes?! common people! scotty is giving out free advice to potentially save you lots of money! lets get some more likes here!

  19. Raven60618 says:

    On the sparks, I have question
    I was tought to remove them hot….
    What happens if the car is bought you running to your bay?
    or you have do a compression test,

  20. Raven60618 says:

    Do yoy have a video on themostat changing?

  21. scottykilmer says:

    @Raven60618 Not yet, cause on most cars it’s just so simple to do. But you can see a partial explanation in my video “how to fix an overheating engine.” Scotty

  22. emadseksek says:


  23. MrSTANGlover says:

    @emadseksek Give autozone a call and they will let you know.

  24. mandrilokote says:

    It looks like you have a common mistake automotive mechanics have. The W in the engine oil weight dos not means ‘weight’, the W means the oil meets specifications for viscosity at 0 F and is therefore suitable for Winter use.So it does means WINTER.

  25. 1ownjoo2 says:

    Another common mistake is overtorqing bolts. When I got my Jeep i had a mechanic look over it when he changed the rear diff oil for me (I was lazy) and he found the right brake caliper bolt was stripped, probly when they changed the cv joints, and the transmission pan had a bolt that was stripped completetly. The caliper he rethreaded, the transmission luckily the bolt that was stripped was on a overhead ledge so we could use a long bolt and nut to hold it on.

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