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Learn what car engine fluids require occasional care and maintenance with expert auto mechanics advice in this free online car carevideo clip. Expert: Jake Burt Contact: Bio: Jake Burt has been working in the automotive industry for close to a decade and is currently the store manager of Burt Brother tires in Sugarhouse, Utah. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

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2 Responses to “Basic Auto Maintenance : Car Engine Fluids that Need Maintenance”

  1. sbakar says:

    The car shown is a mid-90’s BMW 5 or 7 series, with either the 3 or 3.5L engine. The reservoir shown for the power steering. On these cars, be VERY careful of the type of fluid being used, and always check the recommendation first. Some of the 7 series used a proprietary fluid called CHF 7 or CHF 11S instead of Dexron III ATF.

    The transmission fluid dipstick is further back, on the driver’s side of the engine, and has an arrow pointing forward on its cap.

  2. MrSamnoor says:

    thank you expertvillage for this video,
    I’d like to download this video with the English subtitle but I couldn’t, the video is just downloaded without the subtitle, would you help me please.

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