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Learn how to buy all-season and snow tires as well as how to perform basic auto maintenance with expert auto mechanics advice in this free online car carevideo clip. Expert: Jake Burt Contact: Bio: Jake Burt has been working in the automotive industry for close to a decade and is currently the store manager of Burt Brother tires in Sugarhouse, Utah. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

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8 Responses to “Basic Auto Maintenance : How to Buy All Season & Snow Tires”

  1. soto5655 says:

    first mon

  2. driftnut56 says:

    but he didn’t talk about all-seasons???

  3. rtsoccerplayer says:

    well that’s “expert” village for you

  4. fartman10284 says:

    buy all seasons that have plenty of siping on them.

  5. Roadrash1991 says:


  6. mallamoozoo says:


    yeah – shithouse aye!

  7. huntman303 says:

    you could just go with the “best of both worlds” and get some all terrains, like my bfg ats on my f250, worked great for me in snow in colorado and the ice in texas.

  8. Dragonfire7666 says:

    I have a BMW 540i. When the first owner bought this car in 1994, he selected the motosport wheel option. This rim takes 240/45/R 415. This is not a mistake in any way, This is exactly what it says in the owners manual. Also on the inside door well of the car.
    Please help me somebody cause I can’t find these tires. Even online.
    Dragonfire7666, Thanks you.

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