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Learn how to check engine oil and perform basic auto maintenance with expert auto mechanics advice in this free online car carevideo clip. Expert: Jake Burt Contact: Bio: Jake Burt has been working in the automotive industry for close to a decade and is currently the store manager of Burt Brother tires in Sugarhouse, Utah. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

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25 Responses to “Basic Auto Maintenance : How to Check Engine Oil Levels”

  1. crazybigyo says:

    i’m sorry :

  2. mrstopcancer says:

    Fucking “grease monkey” who’s a “dipstick”???

  3. soto5655 says:

    out a job nizzle

  4. hamad954 says:

    is it OK to check oil engine when is the cold or the car must be warm?
    be cause i checked oil engine when its cold it was between black and red and them i checked it when it was warm it was between pink and red
    can u tell me how 2 check it?

  5. cannedmilk says:

    that’s a long dip stick

  6. ClassicMotorOil says:

    I don’t think it really matters if it’s hot or cold it might show a little bit more when it’s warm but it’s probably just a bee’s dick in difference anyway. Just as long as the car is on level ground and the engine has been switched off for a few minutes first to let all the oil run back down to the pan before you check the oil level for an accurate reading.

  7. xXBiiZaR says:

    ill show you a long dip stick..

  8. e30roundel says:

    ayooo!!! hahaha

  9. clubsoda69 says:

    Is it okay to add taco mix to your oil?

  10. Code91282 says:

    Useless for me. He did not focus the dipstick’s oil level.

  11. davison1021 says:


  12. blauegitarre says:

    Is there any way to know if the oil needs to be changed comptelely? i.e. a certain color of it?

  13. vegasheatx says:

    If you can not read the dip stick anymore or if the oil feels gritty when rubbed between your fingers, it’s time. Personbally for peace of mind I would follow a scheduled maintenence routine

  14. BryceGrover says:

    that’s what he said

  15. xXBiiZaR says:

    im not an expert but from what iv learned if the oil level is low just simply get a quart from the gas station depending on what type of oil you use for your car. the color of the oil should be a yellow clear color. thats brand new ok oil is like brownish. and bad oil is any kind of really dark color. and also u can tell from ur exaust pipe if a little or a lot of smoke is coming out. thats all i got

  16. mabdiuhrman says:

    that’s a LONG ASS piece for the oil checker !

  17. gutwrench32 says:

    What a dipstick!

  18. LP1995XL says:


  19. Pierretactical007 says:

    i now this is a stupid question but, if i use wynn engine tune up, it goes in the same place as the oil right?

  20. sourmanofcoal says:

    car should be running

  21. southernmagnus says:

    HEY!! That’s MY CAR!!

    I didn’t give you permission to use that in a video!

    I’m never going back there.

  22. imabananaonweeed says:

    Thats usually for auto trans fluid, not oil..
    isn’t it?

  23. Raymond106 says:

    if it is what im thinking of it goes in your gas tank if its like water liquid if its thicker it would go in your oil

  24. abzdefg321123 says:

    he neglected to mention that the engine should be warm and wait 5-10 minutes after running the engine to get accurate levels..

  25. marijunhoney says:


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