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Check the car’s automatic transmission fluid level using the transmission dip stick near the car engine; learn how from our expert mechanic in this free car-maintenance video. Expert: Jeff Wong Bio: Jeff Wong has a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has owned & operated an aftermarket automotive parts business for five years. He has been working on automobiles for 17 years. Filmmaker: Joshua Kidwell

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23 Responses to “Basic Car Care & Maintenance : Checking Car Auto Transmission Fluid”

  1. gempeppy says:

    Thanks for making this video. Checking the oils in my car is scary sometimes. I just usually check antifreeze and the oil thing and cross my fingers and go. One time i was driving almost with no brake oil? bc the when i stepped on the gas it would go all the way down. My dad said I was lucky I wasnt in any accidents and of course was mad. Thankfully I dont drive long distances. But I am glad to find videos like this bc it gives me a little more confidence in doing it myself.

  2. assWompingMadNess says:

    yeah amen….every person should know how to check brake fluid, clutch fluid, oil, air filter, windshield fluid, transmission fluid, radiator/reservoir coolant, battery and know how to change/rotate the tires and change their oil…once you know these basics…your good…these are good videos!

  3. assWompingMadNess says:

    oh…and power steering and tire pressure..hehhehe

  4. kinstar says:

    just wanted to know my firend has a vauxhall corsa old shaped one and the dipstick tube broke off, just wanted to know how you can get this fix and is it a important thing

  5. meridayucatanmexico says:

    i have a ford explorer 2002 but its doesnt have a transmission fluid deep stick. Actually in my owners manual its says that its doesnt consume fluid. On the bottom of my car theres this screw thats for the tansmision and i dont know if i have to take it and get it checked to service it or if its not recomended to do so. I was getting charge 79.00 dollars to change the fluid. although i am not sure if i am getting reaped off or not.

  6. jsonbass says:

    Manual transmissions don’t use ATF? Sure about that? I know mine does.

  7. vietcongak says:

    any1 know if you have to keep the car running to check the tran fluid? on a 2000+ Suby?

  8. SpartanOfLuxon says:

    No they don’t jsonbass. Automatics work on hydraulic pressures from the Additives in the ATF to shift gears. It also acts as a lubricant. While as a Manual.. since you shift the gears manually, it wont need ATF. But still you need a fluid to lubricate the gears from wearing so they use gear oil.

  9. nonofox says:

    I got a 2001 Dodge ram truck v8 5.2 engine automatic. I don’t have the manual book. I ‘d like to know if I can check the transmission fluid level with the engine running or not. , parking or neutral.? Because when the engine is off the level is good, but when the engine is turn on the stick is dry (nothing). Does someone tell me how is the best way to check the transmission fluid level? Thanks

  10. altimalover says:

    I need some one to help me my car is a nissan altima s 2.5 4 cyl manual gb I don’t have the manual book and I don’t know how check the fluids

  11. CRDLIBERTY says:

    Altima manual tranny. Theres a fill plug and drain plug and on some cars a vent plug as well. You will need to know which plug is which. Many many dont recommend gl5 fluid! gl5 has adtives for rear axles which can mess up syncros. gl4 or 3 safer good luck finding. Gonna need a pump as well fluid. Chances are your fine on altima. Just make sure your oil gets changed out every 5k,airfilters and thats about it. WARNING ON TOYOTA TRANNYS many require yota fluid only from dealer FYI!

  12. CRDLIBERTY says:

    Also on toyota autos theres a cool drain plug. When i do the oil i can change out 3 or 4 quarts yota fluid. Dont fall for automatic flushes and crap.

  13. JayzBeerz says:

    Isuzu Rodeo’s do not have a trans dipstick. you have to pull the plug on the tranny to check the fluid and it is a hassle. isuzu you suck big time for this

  14. shepdog213 says:


  15. deadvenom says:

    try finding one in a Bimmer

  16. mikesfastgt says:

    ford T-5 and the t-45 use automatic trans fluid because it operates at a higher temperature. alot of manuals use it. some hondas use motor oil in there trans. I’m ase certified dealer mechanic.

  17. qwerty123456789jhdtg says:

    Hmm yeah, I’ve that as well a lot, always on cars with MT … it’s just a bad name, I guess, since it’s used for MT’s as well.

    No dipsitick though, on a MT.

  18. fooruggler says:

    I wouldn’t call this guy an expert. Oh well.

  19. bryanj12341 says:

    this guy pauses a lot in his speech

  20. colinstingeray says:

    new or old car have to be running when checking to the dip stick dip shit

  21. jsonbass says:

    Ford M5OD-R2 uses Mercon ATF as well.

  22. cheratberry says:

    “textbook style info ” stars !!

  23. lgvamos3 says:

    so is it bad to leave your car running even if you dont have to while checking the trans fluid?

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