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Check the engine oil level on your car by looking at the dip stick; learn how from our expert mechanic in this free car-maintenance video. Expert: Jeff Wong Bio: Jeff Wong has a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has owned & operated an aftermarket automotive parts business for five years. He has been working on automobiles for 17 years. Filmmaker: Joshua Kidwell

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25 Responses to “Basic Car Care & Maintenance : Checking Car Motor Oil Level”

  1. perez87r says:

    dam i like how this guy instructs

  2. calichevylover says:


  3. coopsN2 says:

    you have to learn somewhere

  4. kingsley15 says:

    so ur telling me when you bought ur 1st car u just somehow knew…every1 has to learn from somewhere!!

  5. sbakar says:

    Your videos are very well thought out and clearly explained. There is so much crap on Youtube, it’s refreshing to see high-quality videos like your’s.

  6. vincent82123 says:

    Moreover, you have to make sure you park your car on level ground.

  7. Jonotinker says:

    It does say BASIC car care. Anyway you watched it didnt you? Haha

  8. supermario1006 says:

    thanks for the vid.. just got a new car and i need to know the basics.

  9. cheratberry says:

    these vids R really useful !!

  10. utubesuckz says:

    Expert Village should only have Jeff Wong do these car videos. His videos are actually in-dept and many are over 3-4 minutes long compared to the usual 1-2 minutes from other EV videos.

  11. lovemym16 says:

    I can so not tell that those are Quakerstate Moble 1 and Valveoline!

  12. Oneartfuldodger says:

    Do you check your oil with the engine warm or cold from sitting overnight?

  13. GoldsteinBaruch says:

    Synthetic oil is the best.

  14. stmc247 says:

    do we need to drain out the remaining oil before adding more oil? ’cause when i have my car to have an oil change, that guy told me that they are gonna drain the oil and refill.

  15. Castillo0929 says:

    thats only for an oil change…
    but if ur jus gonna refill it..u DNT have to drain it..
    lik i said..thats only for an oil change that u have to drain it

  16. Ghettoes6 says:

    it doesn’t matter. the dipstick should have lines on it that specify how high the oil is whether it’s cold or hot.

  17. DALE97DSM says:

    dollar for motor oil. Yeah right, what store in the US.

  18. 3wheeler016 says:

    @stmc247 yes, they have to drain the old oil in order to change it.

  19. 3wheeler016 says:

    @GoldsteinBaruch if you change your oil every 3 to 5k, all oil is pretty much the same. synthetic oils are good for extended periods of time.

  20. 3wheeler016 says:

    great video, but only one problem. on every single vehicle i’ve worked on, and i work on them every day, from the lowest line on the dipstick to the highest, always takes a full quart, not a half.

  21. MoToRPoLLuTioN says:

    1 dollar a quart? where do u live? i wanna get some oil from there

  22. scottieln0923 says:

    I have the 97 malibu that keeps flashing security system when i try to start but after the light goes out i can start? it? whats the issue?

  23. motoringmax says:

    when you change oil, is it best to go for synthetic or regular?

  24. hp11208 says:

    synthetic is the best

  25. taylorzero1985 says:


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