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Replace windshield wiper blades on your car if they’ve become brittle or aren’t wiping correctly; learn how from our expert mechanic in this free car-maintenance video. Expert: Jeff Wong Bio: Jeff Wong has a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has owned & operated an aftermarket automotive parts business for five years. He has been working on automobiles for 17 years. Filmmaker: Joshua Kidwell

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25 Responses to “Basic Car Care & Maintenance : How to Replace Windshield Wiper Blades”

  1. ObamaLikesKFC says:

    Dude i’m asian, but this dude looks a little too ethnic.

  2. youvalss says:

    Jeff, thank you for the video. Very helpful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. worldofwheelsdm says:

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  4. 169hong says:

    thanks man! the video is really helpful

  5. angandhi1 says:

    Too good was very useful.

  6. alot4ubabe says:

    This was very helpful, thnx.

  7. peridot824 says:

    Thanks so much! ๐Ÿ™‚ This video was a great help!

  8. DocBombay690 says:

    great job thanks man

  9. XxJoe1792xX says:

    thanks for the video! but can’t you just ask the people in the auto store to install them?

  10. maodijim says:

    thanks. very helpful

  11. nubreed18 says:

    Thanks man! This is awesome. Really appreciate your help!

  12. Limey0123 says:

    I was defeated by my wiper blade trying to get them off and I still feel the shame! Thanks for the simple and easy directions :]

  13. zulinator says:

    @Rachsucht i dont think we have a huge population of immigrants that leech for a free ride, first of all there is no free ride anywhere for anyone thats a right wing fallacy, most illegals dnt have a SSN # they use fake ones so it means they contribute to the system and never take anything out, so i suggest u try and find a diffrent way to express your xenophobia towards ”illegals’, theres legal lazy immigrants too u knw

  14. fordfocusseferrari says:

    @XxJoe1792xX That would hurt the pride of so many men lol, changing wipers should be in our DNA

  15. istartedajoke says:

    Had never changed a wiper before – this showed me how simple it was! Thanks!

  16. steventhestudent says:

    @kewi5 he’s the only one who has shown the little knob to push down on. i watched many of them. who cares what race he is?

  17. authurunknown says:

    Perfect…Thank you.

  18. PerfidiousOne says:

    I had watched a previous video, someone else, on how to change the blade assembly, and they never said to push down. lol Your demo was spot on, and I was able to change them out in less than 2 minutes. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  19. ph4tboy says:

    LMAO I know it’s an expertvillage thing, but seriously, why does this guy need subs? I managed to work out what he was saying through his thick Chinese accent lol :sarcasm:

  20. MikroBadass says:

    wow this instructional video was so simple even a girl was able to change the wiper blades in 3 mins; its a wonder people pay others to change the blades!

  21. RANGER2596 says:

    thanks fo teching how to change wipers

  22. janaka303 says:

    Thanks Jeff, very well explained

  23. sTyLnK says:

    The thing that makes these so darn tough to install is that little clip. All the videos I see they say slide the wiper in and then pull up until it clicks. (obviously) But none ever show how the clip is supposed to be angled.

  24. CCT90 says:

    Excellent, tutorial

  25. fabrizio8sl says:

    sei proprio brutto..

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