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Blower Motor Problems | Auto Repair Help Blower motor problems video highlighting diagnostic procedures for Diy car mechanics. Proper electrical diagnosis of automotive blower motors will help prevent replacing the wrong parts. The blower motor is a common heater/AC repair that is within the skill level of many driveway mechanics. This video contains a few helpful tips for the diagnosis and repair of this critical climate control component. For additional auto repair help and training materials geared toward do it yourself car repairs visit the website.

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25 Responses to “Blower Motor Problems | Auto Repair Help”

  1. mgittelman says:

    @renan111 A common cause of your complaint is when the condenser fan is not working properly. The condenser fan pulls air across the condenser when the vehicle is not moving and low speeds. At highway speeds you can sometimes have enough airflow without the fan working to blow cold air.

  2. mgittelman says:

    @clos039 The way you described your condition it sounds like maybe a blend door type problem that diverts air to the proper vents. When this malfunctions it can dump all the air behind the dash.

  3. lamont22222 says:

    @mgittelman thanks I found a broken conector on the back of the engine

  4. renan111 says:

    thank you very much ill check the condenser fan

  5. philipxxviii says:

    1999.5 nissan pathfinder blower motor fan works only on high speed. based on your video presentation it’s the resistor the most likely problem. where can i find the resistor? could you please tell me the exact location and instructions on how to remove it. thanks a lot.

  6. zano2210 says:

    how do you tell if the blower motor resiter has power going to it ?i have no power coming out of it where it goes into the fan ive changed the resiter and still no blow. all fuses under hood and in car are good replaced them as well. it worked on 4 and a half now it does nothing. please help

  7. hieuhn99 says:

    My blower fan works sometimes. Sometimes it will work fine till I hit a bump and sometimes it just stops working even when the car is in park. What might be the cause of this?

  8. mgittelman says:

    @hieuhn99 Most common causes of the condition you described would be a poor connection or a blower motor on its way out.

  9. choua1855 says:

    Very good information here, thanks.

  10. gtuani says:



  11. gtuani says:

    relay okay???? before you changed the resistors was it working on high speed???

  12. BlacknRedTed says:

    I have a 98 ford explorer, and the fans in my center counsel facing the back passenger seat works, but the fans in the front of my truck dont work at all. Not on low or high. What could that be ?

  13. jun19020987 says:

    1992 Honda Accord HEater Problem?
    There’s no air coming out of the vents so for sure it could be the blower motor, But what can cause it to stop working? Does anyone work on blower motor before? It’s a 1992 Honda Accord

    How hard is it to replace a blower motor?
    What steps or procedure do I have to do? Any tips?

  14. hammadjadoon says:

    Hi there,
    2001 Chrysler 300m.
    My blower motor doesnt blow at all. ATC resistor replaced with new but nothing. Jumped motor with direct battery connection and works but no heat just blows air. if bypass resistor and connect the plugs directly motor blows again. wires coming from head control unit are live with 12V all the time. confused i took it to dealer. he said bcm (body control module) is bad. replaced bcm and reprogrammed it but of no use. took it to dealer (continued in next post)

  15. hammadjadoon says:

    again and he says its bcm again and also resistor is short now as the resistor metal case has 12 volts
    on it. according to his diagnosis at dealership the signal upto bcm is fine but then he can not pin down
    the problem after that. please help

  16. teflon320 says:

    Thanks for your videos! I have an ’06 Grand Prix and the fan stopped working completely yesterday afternoon. I checked the fuse under the hood and the one in the dash first. They were both good. Then I took off the insulator panel and turned the key to on and the fan switch on and then tapped the blower motor casing and it started working!

    You have saved me a lot of money! I am sourcing a blower motor now.

  17. dondred says:

    try flushing your heat/ac hoses, if nott, then blower ressistor, if not, then fuses, i have done 2 out of 3, …seems to be the ressistor, (in my case) 2002 ford Taurus Ses aka peice of IShtt

  18. metalmoto says:

    Excellent…looks like my astro schematic. I just replaced my blower motor last week. The resistor was replaced a year before that. A burned out resistor usually means your blower motor will fail soon. Best to replace them both. Thanks for the video.

  19. dahoss65 says:

    I have 94 bonneville that I keep on high defrost. Recently, the blower would be working & if I turned the car off & back on after a few mins, the blower wouldnt work. Then all of a sudden it would kick back on. It done the same thing today when I went to lunch. I started up the car (high defrost was already set), to warm up the car. I turned car off & had lunch. After 20 mins, i went to warm interior again(due to it’s cold here), and the blower wasnt working. It kicked on again later. Any ideas?

  20. johnnyponny4 says:

    @mgittelman I have an 03 Tiburon. One day the blower stopped working completely. No power on any speed. I checked the all the fuses. i checked the relay in the fuse box under the hood. I replaced the motor. Still doesn’t work.

  21. mgittelman says:

    @johnnyponny4 Sorry no easy answer for this one it’s gonna need old fashioned diagnosis. I would approach the problem by getting a wiring diagram for the blower circuit. I would first check to make sure there is a good ground for the motor. Then start at the blower motor and check for power at the various connectors heading back toward the switch, relay and fuse. There is also a diagnostic tree chart in the factory manual for blower inoperative.

  22. imru06 says:

    Hi, I just changed my resistor on my 2000 grand am, the blower motor still only works on high. I did have to tap the blower motor to get it to run for the first time after changing the resistor, it worked for a bit, then shut off. Is this a sign that my blower motor is bad or is there something else i should look at? thanks in advance for your help.

  23. mgittelman says:

    @imru06 Having to tap the blower motor to get it going is a sure sign that the motor is on it’s way out. It does not sound (from your description) like replacing it will address your fan speed issues though. That will take some diagnosis.

  24. cedilo1 says:

    I have citroen xsara 2000. Heating fan is blowing on a full blast no matter on which speed position the control panel is. Any idea what it coul be? thanks

  25. cedilo1 says:

    I have citroen xsara 2000. Heating fan is blowing on a full blast no matter on which speed position the control panel is. Any idea what it could be? thanks

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