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Busting Auto Maintenance Myths

To help save drivers’ time and money, while being environmentally efficient, auto experts are busting industry myths on car maintenance. In fact, most manufacturers recommend more than 5000 miles between oil changes instead of the traditional 3000. Making this adjustment can save eight to ten gallons of oil a year and put as much as back in your pocket. Following new recommendations can also help improve the environment. Here are some more of the most common maintenance myths that have been adjusted based on new technologies: – Tune-ups. Today’s engines have computer-monitored systems that still need to be checked but don’t need a traditional tune-up every few thousand miles. – Wheel Alignment. It’s not always necessary to have them aligned every time they are rotated. – Unnecessary services. Routine maintenance services such as fuel injector cleaning and transmission fluid flushes aren’t necessary as often anymore. Produced for General Motors

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3 Responses to “Busting Auto Maintenance Myths”

  1. alexkvaskov says:

    $76 dollars is nothing
    3000 miles is too often, i agree, but 5000 mile intervals are fine imo. it is in your best interest to check various aspects of your car such as wheel alignment, tire pressure and various fluids. and despite new technology, most people will feel more comfortable checking and tuning up their vehicles every once in a while.

  2. mabdiuhrman says:

    so when should we change our oil ?

  3. TheASEmaster says:

    I agree, I want to add that todays modern 2010 cars are going up to 7500 miles and beyond between changes. This shows how much more efficient todays technologies are.

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