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Hi Everyone you just found a video that was made by Hijol Goswami & MoonLight Servers IP: Actors RL: Hijol Goswami Acted as: Hijol Actors RL: Kevin Guerrero Acted as :GK Story of the Day on Japanese War __________________________________ MoonLight Servers Officialy will be Hosted Call of Duty Modern Warfare This is the Part two of Official Start Off 1 . We Welcome you to SA:MP Dedicated server Call of Duty Modern Warfare Hosted By Bhuvanesh Created by : Hijol Goswami Server is Hiring Admins , Moderators & Much more , Help us Getting more players and joining us at Do not Miss This Server — Xtreme War– On SA You Never Seen Before ! Currently Under Maintaince but Still Can Join this Rival at We will be waiting for your DEATH ! . Grand Theft Auto Call of Duty MW – Official Listing Video Made by Co-Owner of COD – Hijol Goswami Hosted by: Moon Light Servers Team When is it coming online ? Currently not active Releasing before January 7 2010 Check for updates at

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  1. nfun45 says:

    Hey sup Hijohardy, long time

  2. Bashar46 says:

    Awesome Dude 🙂

  3. RhysYazbeck798 says:

    Rip the audio from this tune at searchripgrab d0ht c0hm.

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