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On older cars, the check engine light can be reset by disconnecting the negative battery terminal for 20 to 30 seconds. Take newer cars to an auto shop to have the check engine light reset withtips from a certified master mechanic in this free video on car maintenance. Expert: Thomas Brintzenhofe Bio: Thomas Brintzenhofe has been a certified mechanic for the past 14 years, and a certified master mechanic for the past eight years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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25 Responses to “Car Accessories & Maintenance : How to Reset the Check Engine Light”

  1. FKHAN69 says:

    lol scangauge motis solis ne u dont need mpg rpm hp watter u need freezeframe data most important

  2. MelOAyness says:

    Surely, this is a joke, yes? I could be wrong, but isn’t there a reason for the “check engine” light to go on in the first place? Do you think that you are helping anyone by demonstrating how to “shut it off”? What kind of half baked advice is that? It is like telling your doctor that you’ve been passing out lately and having him tell you, to take it easy, to get more rest! Master mechanic my ass, anyone who takes your advice is a moron and will definately fail their state inspection doing that

  3. xXwhygodwhyXx says:

    If you like to work on your car yourself and you know what to do like me then you can just turn it off yourself with this tutorial. I just did the following in one day, new oil, new spark plugs/ ignition wires, radiator fluid levels are fine, swapped headlights, changed timing belt, added washer fliuid, battery level is fine. So if your light still comes on which it would then just do what this guy says right here.

  4. rollieroller says:

    almsot all ecu or check engine light warnings are caused by sensors either sensors mis reading or sensors reading faults such as timing retardation or to rich or to lean fuel burning what this guy says is true enough but working on cars everyday when i get a car in witch a warning i reset it and run it myself for a few miles to see if the fault shows up in the ecu also ebd 2 cars can be reset without fault code reader just dsconect ba for 30 mins

  5. philstad28 says:

    Worked for me.

  6. fibulator says:

    you trippin dawg.
    this is good advice and i wish i had known about this before i traded my car in at the dealership. lol

  7. MelOAyness says:

    I guess that your dealership’s business is surviving thanks to the moronic people who sell their cars because the check-engine light is on! Somewhere inside, I keep thinking that car manufacturers had something else in mind when they designed the vehicle with that MIL (malfunction indicator light).

    And, to xXwhygodwhyXx above, dude, if you are competent enough to change your own timing belt, I really can’t understand why you would think that disconnecting the battery was a cool tip!

  8. MelOAyness says:

    Only if you reconnect the battery cable before driving off!

  9. MelOAyness says:

    WTF is an ebd 2 car?

  10. sou3789 says:

    aw ,man…im such a noob..i thought there was something wrong with my car…im gonna go do it right now…as in right now!

  11. mosquitoebites says:

    wow it helps!!! i just did what he said!!! thanks for posting this video!!!

  12. JPRamon68 says:

    Hey Tom, Thank you! I have a 2000 4Runner with that very problem, did what you said and it reset itself, once again, thank you!

  13. moneybelt22 says:

    all you do is press a button

    and your off
    no problem man

    no dealer commison or fees

  14. dominican963 says:

    hey just wanted to know if it works for eagle talon esi?

  15. founditnow54 says:

    This technique will not work in any car from 1996 and up. They have the OBD 2 computer diagnostics in them. In new new cars (2000 or so on) this will not only be ineffective but it may upset the anti-theft system, and reset your onboard computer settings. Take your vehicle to auto zone, and they’ll hook it up for free. Sometimes its something as stupid as a leaky gas cap, or something else you may be able to easily fix.

  16. microtechie says:

    Tom, thanks a lot for the tip. You probably pissed off a lot of mechanics by helping out the little guy with this tip. I tried this and it worked! Thank You.

  17. livinlow15 says:

    Works for a 97 eclipse and 95 mustang…

    Awesome, Thanks

  18. milan141 says:

    trying it now, i have a peugeot 206 gti, and as i was driving yesterday it kept turning off, i was told by my mechanic to disconnect the negative terminal and turn the ignition for about half hour, to then turn of ignition, connect negative terminal and start the car and see if it helps. i will let you know how it goes…

  19. slapoutz says:

    ya but autozone cant reset it (by law) so your better buying your own obd 2 scanner. im going to buy one soon.

  20. slapoutz says:

    you mean obd 2? it stands for onboard diagnostics 2nd revision. its basicly the computer (ecu) of your car giving out codes of what is wrong with your car, like a sensor, etc.

  21. founditnow54 says:

    yeah this is true, although I wish they would, but yeah wayyy too much liability on their part if they reset them.

  22. mrwashur1991 says:

    in my suby theres just a black button under the drivers side dash….turn the key just before start and hold down the button…then the locks lock three times…im not sure if its the same as the check engine but i know it resets the computer.

  23. bitcomet1 says:

    Thanks this worked but have your radio code handy if you have a Honda. Never drive angry.

  24. PACER2320 says:

    $2000? that thing is huge looks like a pc…i bought a code reader for only $89 no training as mentionied just hit the delete button. thanks for sharing.

  25. Killswitch500 says:

    Keep in mind some cars lock themself if you disconnect the negative battery terminal:P so dont leave your keys in it :p lucky me i had a second key 😛

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