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Find the accumulator and understand what it does during car air conditioner repair; learn how in this free DIY auto-mechanic video from our expert in automotive AC repair and maintenance. Expert: Mark Delgado Bio: Mark Delgado is an ASE certified auto mechanic with more than 20 years of experience in automotive repair. Filmmaker: John Carstarphen

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6 Responses to “Car Air Conditioning Repair : Car Air Conditioner Parts: The Accumulator”

  1. initrm says:

    the mechanics say to replace the dryer every 2-3 years because it removes the moisture and dirt from the system. Ok, so why our refrigerators dont need such service even that they are constantly working. car AC and refrigerator cooling system are the same.

  2. hectorcitito says:

    Compare the limited amount of space that a car has against a refrigerator’s. in addition to that, a ref is made/designed for only only thing. Provide cool air to a small area in addition to that, it won’t travel 80 miles an hours in mod, dirt, rain, or at 110 degrees temp.

  3. Luisaso85 says:

    my suv has the next problem, everything seems to work fine i got cold air coming from every angle of except from the front panel, you know the one that blows to your face, can u explain why? i went to a a mecanic their conclusion said is the A/C actuator thats not working that’s why i don’t have air flowing through the vent, or the other is the climate controls but the cc seem to be working ok! is there such a thing as a A/C actuator. what are recomendations.

  4. RC60618 says:

    they are not the same, on the car, there are lines/hoses, they leak(bad o-rings)
    On refrig, they are hard solder, plus the ac on car is bigger, do to all the windows,

  5. hotty198 says:

    @initrm car a/c takes out the heat. refrigerators add cold.

  6. luvzcookies says:

    high side restriction can /will cause low high side pressure… It can’t compress what it can’t pull.

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