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Learn how to check your car’s transmission fluid withexpert car tips in this free online automotive repair video clip. Expert: William Myers Contact: Bio: William Myers has been a Senior Master Technician for Subaru since 1998. He is an ASE Certified Master Technician and L1 Advanced Level Specialist. Filmmaker: EV studios

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25 Responses to “Car Maintenance and Repair Tips : How to Check Your Transmission Fluid in a Vehicle”

  1. blitzen762 says:

    i’m replacing a blower motor on a 1998 ford explorer but i need a visual repair manual such as Haynes or Chilton does anyone know of a website (free of course) that i can reference to?

  2. Raderlube says:

    Yeah, Tony is right when he says you should switch back to 5W20, but fyi, I have seen many people use the wrong spec. of viscosity and continue to do so with no apparent problems, but this is not to say you wont have any problems..its best to use what the manufacturer recommends.

  3. RedAllied says:

    Just go to Mr.Lube !
    They check all the fluids and top it up FREE… yes it free check and top up….

  4. abdullaah1000 says:

    Must keep engine hot.

  5. mmcrisis8888 says:

    this guy is way too excited

  6. ipodwheels says:

    Great video. I usually do not do this myself though. Afraid I might make things worse.

  7. itsmefergal says:

    My car dosen’t have a dip stick checking the ATF, it’s a manual gearbox I think…..!

  8. metalmaniac622 says:

    He probably put it in there with it being a heavier oil since winter is coming up. However, I also have a Mercury Sable (2005), I always put 5W20 in it, its designed to run on that same oil for all seasons. There have been reports about engines seizing because the heavier oil was added. If I were you, I would just drain the oil by removing the drain plug under the car, and put your 4.5 qts of 5W20 in, and if necessary, change the oil filter

  9. dnl5649 says:

    you cant make anything worse by checking fluid levels.
    do it your self you cant mess anything up. if your getting a shop to do this and they are charging you $, your getting ripped off

  10. dnl5649 says:

    that guys not way to excited, he’s way to high

  11. dillfly2000 says:

    Get your tools here shrinkify(DOT)com/1k1f

  12. komisario28boster says:

    ??? ?????????????? ?????

  13. 09gannob says:

    or grow a pair and work on your car yourself

  14. thebigwitness says:

    thanks now i solved the two dot philosphy

  15. digimon916 says:

    @itsmefergal for some manual cars u gotta do it the old fashion way, go under and check from the tranny. for my car, the fluid should be right under the drain bolt. so u gotta open the drain bolt, put ur finger in, and if u can feel the fluid right under the drain bolt its ok. AND, the drain bolt should be on horizontally, so it wont leak like oil. only if its pass full itll leak when u open it.

  16. KingOfTheClutch says:

    @digimon916 it better not be right under your drain bolt, FILL bolt, if you made a mistake, then whatever, but if your serious, I’m surprised your transmission isn’t fried.

  17. 3wheeler016 says:

    @digimon916 you mean fill bolt? if you remove the drain bolt all of your fluid is gonna come out. and don’t ever, on a manual tranny, remove any other bolt but the fill and drain ones, because most of the time they are holding important things together on the inside.

  18. jayguy173 says:

    what if your born with one testical your predice

  19. MareahKeck45 says:

    hehi really need somebody to talk to really bored today

  20. toyota4x4canadaguy says:

    Unfortunately its not that simple on most new cars ..they eliminated the dipstick and turned it into a big deal…. for some you even require a scan tool.

  21. Rockabillykid01 says:

    It looks really inconvinient having the dip stick all the way down there… I´m just saying

  22. pepsi1649 says:

    I made a relevant video about Automotive Repair Scams:

  23. 25rsboy says:

    @Rockabillykid01 it really is a pain having it down there. the ac hoses and a couple of ground cables and heater hoses get in the way. good one subaru

  24. 2009jimmy2009 says:

    lol 1;47, ‘this engine has the right amount of atf in it’, its not going to last very long then!!!!

  25. napsakossss says:

    i thought that the engine have to be off.. is this wrong and if so tell me why…??

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