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Learn how to install a new car battery with expert car tips in this free online automotive repair video clip. Expert: William Myers Contact: Bio: William Myers has been a Senior Master Technician for Subaru since 1998. He is an ASE Certified Master Technician and L1 Advanced Level Specialist. Filmmaker: EV studios

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25 Responses to “Car Maintenance and Repair Tips : How to Install a New Car Battery”

  1. HondaMasterTech says:

    I recommend using some dielectric grease on the battery post/clamp to prevent corrosion. Also, make sure the lower tip of the J-hook is pointing away from the battery. It could pierce the battery and cause a nasty leak and no-start.

  2. salemcripple says:

    Are they HID? Or simple projectors (lenses). If they’re just the lenses (with case) they should be a basic replacement. The red wire will be the positive, if there is a black wire, it’s the ground. Otherwise the ground is the case itself.

  3. willm1105 says:

    no you always connect the negative first, and take it off last

  4. psyfertech says:

    the way this guy talks is annoying low to high low to high but yeah installing a battery is nothing
    just dont short anything out while your doing it which is pretty hard to do

  5. kingstonzincfence says:

    Hondamastertech, good points. I was just about to point that out which this “expert” omitted.

  6. 6packbrad says:

    does anybody know how to get a stuck oil filter off i have tryed everthing i have taken it to the garage to my workshop nothing please help

  7. steve89z says:

    i do.had same problem.have you tried small size strap wrench? or tried tapping with long screwdriver?

  8. 6packbrad says:

    yeah man tried peircin with a screwdriver tried chain wrench ried every tool i have in my mot garage so there is alot of tools to choose from

  9. steve89z says:

    did you get it off? if not i’ll tell you how to do it.let me know.

  10. 6packbrad says:

    nah i didnt get it off im thinking about taking the engine out and doing it that way but cant be bothered with the fuss so what is your way please get back to me

  11. steve89z says:

    take the engine out to get an oil filter out? old school trick tap at edge of filter little at a time with screwdriver on an angle and oil filter will move a little at a time,ot get cap end oil filter wrench exact fit and use a breaker bar like 18″ for leverage.

  12. 6packbrad says:

    problem is space there none its got a 4″ suspension lift and im on a small step ladder to get in to the engine bay so really space is a huge factor any other tips btw the oil filter can is really badly crumpled as one of my emploees tryed but fucked it up any more sugestions thanks

  13. steve89z says:

    drive long screwdriver through it and turn.if that causes can to crumple,use the tap on the can at the base with screwdriver til it moves a little.the cap end is the best using breaker bar.

  14. 6packbrad says:

    problem is there is no can any more just the rime close to the engine so i might try with a razor blade cutting the seal then taping at a slight angle with a really long screwdriver but the problem is again space but if u have any more ways of helping then it is much apricated thanks

  15. roachclipz420 says:

    well who ever did ur oil job fucked up man..but make sure your not tightening it either umm really all u need is an oil filter wrench and some elbow grease xD it has to come off lol..and when you put it back on make it snug and tighten it 1/4 way and thats all you need.

  16. 6packbrad says:

    ah m8 im a machanic and i have my own mot garage and body shop i got the car 2 years ago and now it needs a filter change so i have a lot off tools from 10 1/2 tonne 4 post ramp to chargers for batterys so thanks very much for you help it appreciated cheers bradly

  17. katydidmail says:

    Excellent review. Thanks!!

  18. simonyaqoob says:

    Okay so the red wire is positive one and the other is negative!! But how would we know about battery terminals? I mean how would I know which one is a positive termainal and which one is a negative one? And should I Attach the positive wire with positive termainal or positive wire with negative termainal?? I hope u can understand…I NEED HELP BADLY!!!!

  19. simonyaqoob says:

    And One more thing!!! I think my cars battery is dead but I dont hav those cables to do the Jumper start method!!! What about 3 to 4 men push the car manually and one of them start from inside? Will that work to recharge my battery? I mean once it is started it will get recharge!!!! thanx!!!!

  20. 6packbrad says:

    ok the red wire is connected to the battery the battery has a + sign on one terminal and the tha is the positive if it is on the battery then u just connct up the cabels as they were red to red black to black so positive to positivbe negitive to negitive sorry i have not been i touch quicker my brother died anyway that will work i mean pushing the car unless the alternater is broken then it will start and fail but if the alternater is fine then u start th car and rev to 1500 read my next 1

  21. 6packbrad says:

    ok the battery terminal is marked with a + on one that is the red wir terminal so the one with the + is postitive if it does not have a + just try them different ways if u are not sure what is what put the positive one on a terminal and just the positive one then see if the car turns over if it does ur n luck u found the right one the connet the black one to the last termainal u said u were going top push the car then start it this will work lpease read my next comment

  22. 6packbrad says:

    it might not work if your alternater is broken and if this is the case u will need to fix it or get a new one if thi is the case tell me the make and model of your car and the year and i will get u one cheap also if ur alternter is working then that will be fine just run with the car then try start it if its a manual the cluch in and turn the key atuo is nutral and turn the key remember to rev to 1500 rpms for about 10mins u should be fine f it doesnot work message me again soon thanks m8

  23. Nva21 says:

    thanks very informative

  24. sunnysn says:

    is the -ve side the earth wire?
    sorry might be a stupid question

  25. XxKINGxN0THINGxX says:

    “Finding the little hole isnt that tough” thats what she said hahaha!!
    but yeah good information, well layed out

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