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Learn how to replace a blown electrical fuse in your car with expert car tips in this free online automotive repair video clip. Expert: William Myers Contact: Bio: William Myers has been a Senior Master Technician for Subaru since 1998. He is an ASE Certified Master Technician and L1 Advanced Level Specialist. Filmmaker: EV studios

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13 Responses to “Car Maintenance and Repair Tips : How to Replace a Blown Fuse in a Car”

  1. lxyflysky says:

    much useful thanks

  2. lumpdigity says:

    people are so dumb they dont know which side is right and left, cant find the fuse center and when they do find the fuse center, they are not always labeled, only numbered. you make it sound easy to find the blown fuse, but you have to know what to look for. Dont assume people are not retarded cuz they are.

  3. masareti says:

    that bastard didnt even show if the headlights work

  4. lionfiretx says:

    People who are too retarded to figure this out even after watching this captain obvious video should just take the wallet hit and have someone else fix thier car.

  5. dudeynchapito says:

    My blinkers stopped blinking. They only blink once or twice then it just stops blinking and making the blinking sound. Can the problem be a fuse? I was told it might be a relay but I don’t know what that is? Can anyone help?

  6. gastonytHD says:

    If you have one headlight working, that means the fuses are OK… Most of the time its a burnt headlight.

  7. francisguison says:

    agree! damn it!!!!

  8. 69fordgreenmonster says:

    i hope someone can help me out i have a 88 nissan maxima 6 cylinder. it runs fine on the street but as soon as it reaches 65mph on the highway it starts shaking like crazy up and down really bad .i decrease to 64 and it stops.other times i have pushed it to 80mph and nothing goes wrong it runs smooth im totally lost anyone help!???please help me out

  9. lovemym16 says:

    Its might be the relay but it sounds more like a loose wire unplug the connectors in that curcit and and reconnect them, A relay is a low current switch that uses a coil to controll a hi current cuircit. when you here that clicking sound its the relay opening and closing the high current switch inside. It is located in on of you fuse boxes(a few are in ramdom places in them car) and could be any number of shapes most common are black cube shaped and a cylinder shape .

  10. FASTSHARK86 says:

    @69fordgreenmonster You need to have your tires balanced and aligned this will end the shaking at high speeds. 🙂

  11. Essince says:

    Thanks. I was just getting ready to check/change a fuse and you helped me make sure I was doing it right. lol.

  12. Krmrules2001 says:

    Have your spark plugs checked.

  13. hounddog1717 says:

    you have to be an idiot not to know how to change a fuse

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