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Learn how to install a new tire to replace a flat tire with expert car tips in this free online automotive repair video clip. Expert: William Myers Contact: Bio: William Myers has been a Senior Master Technician for Subaru since 1998. He is an ASE Certified Master Technician and L1 Advanced Level Specialist. Filmmaker: EV studios

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22 Responses to “Car Maintenance and Repair Tips : How to Replace a Flat Tire”

  1. carlitos3146 says:

    or get an electric inpact gun damn u are done in 1 minute lol

  2. blackbrigade197 says:

    thanks man

  3. booobbobo says:

    great video, thanks for posting

  4. humantestdummy says:

    becuase people have air compressors and impack guns in there cars all the time

  5. sabbie7 says:

    The lugs should be tightened a bit more than than before allowing the weight of the car to rest on the replaced tire. If there is any gap between the mating surfaces of the rotor and wheel surface, that will cause issues. If the ebrake is on, and in gear put more muscle into the lugs before lowering the jack.

  6. XarisGuitars says:

    he said electric, not air-driven

  7. tomkkkkk says:

    Amen I think the safe thing to do is make sure the Tyre and the rotor sruface are well mated and all lug nuts are tightened securily. then lower the replaced tyre.

  8. TVKID999 says:

    that wheel look flat

  9. gurrytron says:

    que fuerte los mira que tener que explicarle como cambiar una rueda a la gente… estos americanos…

  10. dude12000 says:

    you missed a step

    before lowering the car make sure that the lugs are centered in the holes, or the wheel is going to be playful (swerving alot) when your on the road

  11. msdaeng says:

    what the hell is that??

  12. nematix says:

    wouldn’t employ you in my F1 team

  13. sbakar says:

    Pulling up to loosen the lug nuts is an excellent way to put your back out. A better way is to push DOWN, using your body weight to advantage. This prevents muscle strain.

  14. mrjost55 says:

    good advice, but I usually just use my foot to lossen em up since they are really tight.

  15. simplecrs13 says:

    That’s to obvious to be a step…unless u are a complete retard that doesn’t know how to center a lug nut…

  16. sbakar says:

    Also a great way to safely loosen tight lug nuts. This also uses your weight to advantage, and prevents muscle strain.

  17. poop0800 says:

    It does as well. The 1st one looked alot tighter…. o_O

  18. jaguarsive says:

    #1 work

  19. eltonype says:

    thanks for the instructional video…It’s really gonna help me a lot, I think is kinda of embarrassing to say it but I had not any idea of how to replace a flat tire but now I see is not something from other world…:D

  20. BrianShin600 says:

    a spare tire looks ugly srry not to be rude

  21. 555sunnyshine says:

    thanks mate… helped a lot…..

  22. moekakke says:

    I’m sure my grandmother can do this… This geek must be so bored !!!

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