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Learn how to find the electrical fuse box inside your car with expert car tips in this free online automotive repair video clip. Expert: William Myers Contact: Bio: William Myers has been a Senior Master Technician for Subaru since 1998. He is an ASE Certified Master Technician and L1 Advanced Level Specialist. Filmmaker: EV studios

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14 Responses to “Car Maintenance and Repair Tips : Where Is the Fuse Box Inside the Car?”

  1. sacktheish5491 says:

    where is the fuse box located for a 1996 suzuki baleno saloon inside the car. i need to change the fuse because my clock doesn’t work

  2. sumaraka says:


    hello, thanks rfor these awesome car tips. Can you please tell me the use of a rheostat, its location and how to change it.

  3. thescarletstarlet says:

    what if your fuse to your starter blows repeatedly? any clue as to the problem?

  4. Ballplayer299th says:

    please tell me where is the fuse box on a 1994 jeep cherokee se 4.0L, 6 cylinder…… thank you

  5. CRDLIBERTY says:

    Rustarube lol cars suck almost bad american car.

  6. saveourloveok says:

    hi, do you know where the fuse for the rear mirrors of the 99 honda civic si located because there are so many.
    Thank You

  7. Jojo949494 says:

    Hello, I have problemes whit my headlight on Ford Taurus wagon 97′, High ligth dose’t works well what I can do ?

  8. emarskineel says:

    very informative and to the point 5-stars

  9. biglaguilar says:

    well my fuse blows out each time i put it the new fuse idk whatz the problem . my cluster and my bak lights wont turn on when i turn on my headlights . and i cannt drive my car at night at all i need help

  10. felprogaskets says:

    does anyone know where the fuse box is located in a 1967 Ford Galaxie?

  11. djcheeseycheese says:

    wat if it is in japanese

  12. munteanuioan says:

    dude u didnt payed atention.1> nea r the enfine 2 in the cabin.

  13. felprogaskets says:

    Just found it. It is inside the glove compartment.

  14. 805hoodrat says:

    any 1 no where its at on a 91 honda civic dx cuz my dash lights dont light up and dont no y cuz i bought the car like that

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