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A bad catalytic converter can make a car overheat by causing a backup of pressure in the cylinder head. Pull over and shut a vehicle down if it overheats with tips from a certified master mechanic in this free video on car maintenance. Expert: Thomas Brintzenhofe Bio: Thomas Brintzenhofe has been a certified mechanic for the past 14 years, and a certified master mechanic for the past eight years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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23 Responses to “Car Maintenance : Can a Bad Catalytic Converter Make a Car Overheat?”

  1. afadfraternity says:

    Good point there…

  2. Rosman1974 says:

    Lately my car started jerking when I am pressing on the gas pedal. Like when I come to a complete stop and start to go it does it! Also it does it when I try to increase my speed on the road! It even feels like it want to die on me! It is a 2000 Chevy Malibu and has 94,000 miles on it. I guess its time ofr a new car but I use it only for work. What do you think the car’s problem is?

  3. roninsparta says:

    This sounds like symptoms that can be ameliorated by a simple engine tune-up. Because there’s a obscurity in your description of the affliction with your vehicle— but if the following were true of your vehicle(upon depressing the throttle/acceleration/gas peddle; your car stalls/hesitate to accelerate right away;then my hypothesis would be that there’s a misfire in your engine’s firing order or that one of your cylinder’s inoperable).

  4. hardcorejunky1000 says:

    Heh, wrong, I got an aftermarket cat/delete test pipe and had it for 3 years, never ever had it over heat on me once. I passed emissions with flying colors too. If you want to know what i got, Ill let you know so you wont have this problem.

  5. R350zz33 says:

    1 its an american car and 2 your cats are clogged

  6. bmlaabul says:

    i have a question if you do not mind , i have a ford mustang gt they told me for extra horse power u can remove the catalytic converter, so do u recommend doing it or not thanks

  7. magnaflowedramx4 says:

    I ran discount gasoline for a long time. My CAT clogged up and almost trashed the whole engine so I had a new exhaust system installed without the CAT. My truck never ran better

  8. yellowandbluegroup says:

    I think my catalytic converter is clogged up it just started rattling 2 days ago . but i dont have money to fix it right now . if i keep driving it casualy . Should i be in the clear?

  9. rockthedrums4life says:

    dont listen to just anyones information as its just a guess ,i just found out today the reason my car is not running more than 30mph and hitting gears hard its because my catalytic converter melted and clogged up my exhaust,if u dont have to go through emissions put straight pipe.its better for your engine.lie guys says also..a half bad one it bad for you

  10. 6899999 says:

    2 things to consider:
    1 reason to have a catalytic converter (CAT) is to reduce harmful emissions from the exhaust of a combustion engine (Global Warming Against the LAW). 2 reason is today’s cars are designed for optimum performance by virtue of their engine management, it is done by your ECU reading emissions form your CAT and the O2 censor, depending on your car year and model, removing the CAT can lead to unbalancing of settings to the ECU, and may cause a reduction in brake horsepower.

  11. spam420rice says:

    I have a 3rz engine has no power and whines loud full trottle, blows off egr hose..

  12. RobertGary1 says:

    Don’t do drugs.

  13. pigdisposal says:

    i would change out the cat every 2 years if you have the money because its gonna kill you on gas, other than that its gonna be hard to destroy anyhting.

  14. almarai185 says:

    @6899999 1 who cares about Global Warming !!!! (you wont live for ever) , 2 reduction in brake horsepower !!! (in my ass) tune the car and fuck the O2 sensor .

  15. fromcanada38 says:


  16. bornagainroma says:

    Very helpfully thank you

  17. changomoreno13 says:

    how do cops know you have a bad catalytic converter,

  18. jayguy173 says:

    @changomoreno13 meters you put on the tailpipe

  19. cooolcars says:


    100% agree with you. they are a waste of time.

  20. alfaandomegaagain says:

    @changomoreno13 because of the noise taht comes from down there……….just fix it,,,,,spend ur money in good things…stop wasting ur money in video games and junk food…

  21. changomoreno13 says:

    @alfaandomegaagain i dont even play video games dumbass, whats so bad about asking a question

  22. alfaandomegaagain says:

    @changomoreno13 hahahhahahahahahhahahah…is quite funny …you got mad……I’m invible mister fool…..I’m preatty sure you have waste in your intestine because you have bad mood……

  23. Mrchip61 says:

    i have a f150 04 check engine light is on scan truck says catalytic converter running lean is there something i can do without buying new converter

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