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Removing car decals is as simple as scraping away with a simple razor blade until the sticker will lift off. Find out how to get rid of the residue left by car decals and stickers withhelp from car restoration specialists in this free video on car maintenance. Expert: Gary Malec & John Grassi Bio: Gary Malec and John Grassi rebuild cars and boats, do household handyman work, and build computers. Filmmaker: gary malec

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9 Responses to “Car Maintenance : How Do You Get Decals Off Cars?”

  1. mbepi1121 says:

    Thanks man, you are awesome! The thought of removing paint or scratching your car is scary haha

  2. Djsheengone says:

    I wish Removing a 5 year old decal was that easy.

  3. 1preludes says:

    Damn Assholes slapped a sticker on my car tonight i was pissed but this worked it left sticky behind but goo gone was the trick. Thanks

  4. uncivilmatt905 says:

    man i sware if someone did that to my truck omg i would flip

  5. MrBigmonks says:

    what about dealer stickers

  6. PrinCessAnnie218 says:

    thanks soo much it worked!!! : )

  7. SuperD104 says:

    that sticker couldnt of been on there to long.try taking off a sticker someone put on the paint of your car 2 years ago.dont want to peel the paint off.grrrrrr

  8. Steve30814 says:

    goo gone didn’t work for me. I have stickers on my car from 2 years ago and it left residue all over. it didn’t work at all… i scrubbed as hard as i could too

  9. Wi3dMaN says:

    I have a ’95 Supra with stock stripe decals down each side of the car. Scared to attempt to remove them myself from what I have read, if they have been stuck there for 15 years i can’t imagine they will come off very clean

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