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If a car is a front-wheel drive car, the transmission oil pan will be up front, while a rear-wheel drive car will hold its transmission fluid towards the center. Use a pan to catch the oil underneath the transmission with help from a specialist in car restoration in this free video on car maintenance and auto repairs. Expert: Gabe Braedt Bio: Gabe Braedt currently works restoring car bodies at a local shop. Filmmaker: stephen kuykendall

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17 Responses to “Car Maintenance : How to Change Transmission Fluid”

  1. silentdeath204 says:

    this is for the few vehicles that actually have a transmission drain plug

  2. nagger100 says:

    thanks for the vid

  3. MRkallek91 says:

    yeah, it is totally stupid not to put a drain plug to the trans pan. Like what the hell
    couldn´t it be made easier for us consumers? bullshit. i hate changing transmission oil.

  4. GOTLAX16 says:

    ya but you have to change the filter to and its inside the tranmission

  5. silentdeath204 says:

    unless you have the spin on trans filter most Subaru’s do, and im pretty sure that there are a few other vehicle out there with em

  6. FxScalper says:

    Wrong answer. If it is a automatic trans …draining the fluid will allow only about half the fluid in the trans to come out. The rest of the dirty fluid is stored in the torque converter and through out the trans. To do this well you must fill and run 1-2 min full and drain again and again then replace filter. Using a trans flush machine is best…but you can do this way …but you need t spend more money to get trans totally clean, otherwise this vid is useless.

  7. mabdiuhrman says:

    I would u show us on a old ass car ? dum fuck !

  8. FKHAN69 says:

    sum cars dont have a plug

  9. kangafizzle says:

    how do i change the fluid in my wifes vibrator transmission?

  10. DLynchMusic says:


  11. brownmachine6969 says:

    i actualy never had a car with a plug on the trans.

  12. scabeba says:

    Don’t worry about it. If your wife has a vibrator, someone else is changing her fluid.

  13. mrwilliwizard says:


  14. fckudup says:

    HAHAHA ur funny

  15. kangafizzle says:


  16. kangafizzle says:

    Thanks……lol………more people need to lighten up and joke more!

  17. fckudup says:

    i no man ppl r way to uptight

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