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Car Maintenance : How to Change Your Oil

The first step in changing the oil in a car is to jack the car up in the air and put blocks underneath the tires. Take out the oil drain plug when changing a car’s motor oil with help from a specialist in car restoration in this free video on car maintenance and auto repairs. Expert: Gabe Braedt Bio: Gabe Braedt currently works restoring car bodies at a local shop. Filmmaker: stephen kuykendall

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25 Responses to “Car Maintenance : How to Change Your Oil”


    .thank you

  2. sirferro2717 says:

    thank you so match

  3. superman3421565 says:

    Very good job/video!!!

  4. epikirosi says:

    perfect video! tynx man

  5. 213kilacali says:

    u forgot one thing…heat up the engine so the oil flows smoother..

  6. hardbodyrock says:

    i heard its best to let the car run for like 15 minutes so the oil can be warm.

  7. Yippykaiyay says:

    at least this is more informative than the other guy whos a “proffesional”

  8. SaltyTestes says:

    good video but two things, if you use a good oil you do not need to worry about a dry start. do not use that cheap chevron shit. second, when your oil filter is loosened enough to drain, you DO NOT keep your hand on it. just let it drain then remove it.

  9. wtfboy2 says:

    he’s a lefty :O

  10. TKUIKn1Fz says:

    Nice way to show a quick oil change.

  11. brownsta7 says:

    nice, but should you take off oil cap and dipstick before you drain the oil? or it doesnt matter?

  12. robbie1674563 says:

    ditch the fram mate and go with wix k&n and so forth fram is the sorriest filter ever made i hate fram filters i wouldnt put one of those on an enemies lawnmower to get them back i normally use wix k&n bosch or any other good filter he has a 350 or a 305 in that truck so its more than liekly a wix 51060 350 and 305 interchange oil filters wix and bosch are only 3 doolars more but its worth it for the protectionof an engine u buy cheap filter u get cheap protection his oil was black

  13. robbie1674563 says:

    at 3,000 miles the oil that comes out of my engine looks dam close to what i put in because i use a good filter and good oil your oil should never ever look coal black like that thats over the limit way past time for an oil change what im saying is what u take oput should look like what you put in just like a cold pancake syrup color dirty looking but not black what i do is buy a quart or 2 of cheap oil and pour through to wrench the old out thats the safe way to flush i use castrol gtx 10w30

  14. robbie1674563 says:

    i am not nagging in any way great job mate you know what your doing just use good oil and filter if you want to use a different kind of oil and filter im just lending advice not demanding please dont take it the wrong way i have a trick u may try to stab a phillips screwdriver in the bottom of the filter and let it drain and u dont get oil on you i always do that and when u take the filter off you dont get an oil bath or oil all down your arm hope this helps great video A++++++

  15. robbie1674563 says:

    yeah you have the right idea to drive the vehicle and let the oil get scalding hot maybe 10 miles and back give it time to get good and hot then drop it and you will get pretty dam close to all of it out then pour some cheap oil through once it quits dripping to get all the old out

  16. Bigdawg070172 says:

    this guy did a good job with the vid but the 1 thing that i have always done is when you go 2 put the filter back on use a little new oil and put a little bit on the rubber gasket on the filter this helps it make a better seal also take off the oil cap before you drain the oil. it lets air in and flushes most of the old oil out. it also helps if you let the car idle for about 5 to 10 mins before draining it. it makes it alot easier for all the oil to flow out. and u dont need 2flush it

  17. Bigdawg070172 says:

    yea can add really any type of oil u want to use to whats in your car. obviously dont add diesel oil to a gas engine. i always use valvoline in my vehicles just cause i like valvoline. but you can add any brand of oil to whats in there now. but i would not add it to the fuel tank. all you do is burn the oil up when u run the car. its just a waste and its not good to be burnin oil in the engine. if u wanna do tht there is stuff auto zone has tht u can put in the oil and fuel to clean the engine

  18. jeremar says:

    I learned something..! great vid, !

  19. mcnegro says:

    yes of course

  20. jeyjhour says:

    Now this video is easy to understand unlike others which make it so difficult to understand

  21. geonerd says:

    Dude, please don’t use a FRAM on your car. That’s just wrong. 🙁

  22. robison87 says:

    Very good video I really liked it. I do have a question that I would appreciate if multiple people could answer. I have a 2001 mazda tribute and I am going to change both the oil and filter. In the manual it says it holds 5.5 quarts, but would that amount be different (higher or lower) because I am also changing the filter? When I took my car to the mechanic I believe he charged me for 6 quarts, but I am not sure if that is because he had to open the 6th bottle so he charged me for it.

  23. sejor23 says:

    should u let the car run first for about a min soo the oil empties better

  24. 4lifejoker says:

    gud job man…. easy step easy understanding….

  25. paledude21 says:

    do you need to change the filter when changing oil?

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