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Car Maintenance : How to Clean a Car Battery

When cleaning a car battery, a simple mixture of baking soda and water can help to neutralize the acid buildup on the battery terminals. Find out how to clean a car battery with a toothbrush and a hose by following the instructions ofcar restoration specialists in this free video on car maintenance. Expert: Gary Malec & John Grassi Bio: Gary Malec and John Grassi rebuild cars and boats, do household handyman work, and build computers. Filmmaker: gary malec

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25 Responses to “Car Maintenance : How to Clean a Car Battery”

  1. hockeyvideomaker says:

    I did it, but i know it sound verry weird, everyone say a have a bad breath

  2. 305eddie1 says:

    yeah i thought the same thing…i didnt like the way that looked.

  3. tgamirov says:

    You may also apply a thin coat of grease or engine oil on the terminals after the battery dries to prevent future corrosion.

  4. xs1ner says:

    You know….It would be easier to use a Coke

  5. OldHowlingHound says:

    Goggles please … You do NOT want to splatter any of this into your eyes. Protect them

  6. Andhika1993 says:

    why dont u just use washing machines..? this is a waste of time..

  7. kranthived says:


  8. bdk00 says:

    to anyone who tries this: remove the positive terminal and clean it seperately

  9. fawad411 says:

    hey man i got my first got i need your help you know when iam pureing the soda powder do i unplug anything on the battery i kno that you got to take off positive and negative but do i unplug anything else? please reply Thanks

  10. bot06 says:

    CAUTION: You are using water which almost shorts the two terminals. I would say this is dangerous and can cause current to flow between the two terminals. What I would suggest is pour little water on one terminal at a time and then clean the other. Or even better remove the terminals and then clean one by one.

    This could be dangerous. No warning is given in the video. It is suprising it is from eHow. or I could be wrong.

  11. strikeagle1 says:

    this is 12v battery.. no harm can be done…
    water resistance is high…current will flow, but very little…
    BTW: when flowing current through water, one terminal will have Heliume and the other terminal will have Oxigen 🙂 you will see bubbles….

  12. ika6667 says:

    You should always remove the battery from the vehicle, it is much safer and you also get to clean the whole thing as well as the casing. Also, you should use a wire brush on the terminals and the poles as well. Dry with a clean rag before reinstalling and put a bit of Vaseline on the terminals to prevent corrosion.

  13. TraumaER says:

    Yeah your battery is clean but what is up with the rest of the engine bay? Looks like it has never been cleaned EVER lol.

  14. leafedaduffa says:

    You always remove the negitive terminal never remove the positive unless you have already removed the negitive.

  15. mrmadmike427 says:


  16. wordreet says:


    Actually plain water is not a very good conductor of electricity. And the impurities in tap water increase it’s resistance. So the baking powder will be fine.
    But I agree with disconnecting before cleaning anyway. 😉

    Salt water, on the other hand, would definitely be dangerous! It conducts very nicely!

  17. whitetailhunta says:

    and kind of soda will work like sprite,coke…

  18. jimhack3 says:

    After cleaning terminals, It’s good to spray a treminal protectant on them to minimize future corrosion, or you can spread some petroleum jelly on them which will do the same thing.

  19. BigJohnIsOn says:

    OldHowlingHound below notes the most important safety item of eye protection, which should be mentioned explicitly, but the glasses the man is wearing work okay. Another good note would be to wear old clothes and especially gloves since bits of the solution can still be acidic. Really good video though. Thank you.

  20. dzuze94 says:

    dish soap works, water works, anything if you have a brush!

  21. dzuze94 says:

    dish soap works, water works, anything if you have a brush!

  22. OSCAR56684 says:


  23. oddsource says:

    @BigJohnIsOn he should also have said to cover up the distributor lol.

  24. Hitez04 says:

    Remove neg (-) terminal first. Then Pos (+) follow these same steps to clean, and you can clean the connecting terminals easier with them disconnected. ALWAYS USE PROTECTIVE EYE WEAR, the scrubbing can splash acid to any part of your clothes and skin/body, so be careful!! cover terminals with petroleum jelly, reconnect pos(+) first then neg(-)

  25. sprengel01 says:

    @strikeagle1 electrolysis of water = H2O = Hydorgen-2 parts, Oxygen-1 part

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