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When cleaning a car’s tinted windows, make sure to use an ammonia-free cleaner, as ammonia will eat away the tint over time. Find out how to dry off tinted windows so that there are no streaks with help from car restoration specialists in this free video on car maintenance. Expert: Gary Malec & John Grassi Bio: Gary Malec and John Grassi rebuild cars and boats, do household handyman work, and build computers. Filmmaker: gary malec

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25 Responses to “Car Maintenance : How to Clean Tinted Car Windows”

  1. jefejefejefe says:


  2. djpiemon says:

    OMG i have been looking for this secret for 10 years seriosly ever since i was 6 i wondered the secret of the clensed tinted window AND I DONT EVEN HAVE A CAR!!!

  3. redrosella says:

    and i guess your not driving a vehicle, as you did watch this video after all

  4. kingtut11 says:

    I actually laughed out loud when i realized that he is actually demonstrating how to clean a window.

    Who ever thought that Americans can be so stupid?

  5. IceWorm71 says:

    Wow. Get a life bro

  6. lilk393 says:

    im sorry but u do not use windex on tinyt because it turns your tint purple. and thats a fact use hot soapy water and a rag

  7. itsbojan says:

    LMAO how complicated is it to clean a window? I mean thanks for the video but do we really need how to videos on EVERYTHING these days?

  8. mikesandytoes says:

    i rub it till its completly dry all the time and trust me i make sure i get it ALLLLL

  9. Coolmanzilla says:

    That’s right Mr giraffe Make sure to get all the marmalade

  10. KoralieMegan says:

    I saw a how to do vid to do a how to do vid

  11. KoralieMegan says:

    windex isnt good at all

  12. RacerE7773 says:

    Have you seen how many people on the road have filthy windows that you can even see while at a stop light?

  13. gvjeter says:

    Holy shit now i know how to clean a window thanks man!

  14. doobies4db says:

    What a Tard!!! You make a video on how to clean tinted windows!….not only is that retarted enough but then the two major steps are wrong, first off you dont use windex at all because it turns ur window tint purple an second it soffens ur tint an makes it scratch real easy, especially when you use paper towels. You use hot soapy water an a 100% cotton towel or rag! Wow u could f#@k up how clean windows….OOOPS u just did! lol

  15. SuperXU1 says:

    Some ppl will do anything to get on youtube.LOL

  16. devilblazer5 says:

    this leaves stains or marks
    what you do is get two soft microfiber’ coth’s,
    wet one of the cloth’s not to much.
    with the wet cloth wipe on section of the windshield and quickly dry the same area that you wiped before keep on wiping with dry cloth if you still see marks and repeat . i worked at a car wash so i know:) just saying

  17. slurpy911 says:

    o ur supposted to dry it off… i usually spray it and im done.

  18. NguyenEmpir3 says:

    you made a 3 second video into 1 minute.

  19. streetwars33 says:

    Your such a fag lmfao

  20. a217andy says:

    o is that how you do it !!

  21. dmdeschamps says:

    Was there really a need to make a video clip the first 6 seconds said it all….. Your f kidding me.

  22. esechulo254 says:

    really,thats so cool.I thought it was going to be harder!!I was about to take it to the place where i got it tinted at!! lol @bettronomical.

  23. JTalentsTV says:

    Baby shampoo and water just dont use too much shampoo and you will be good!…..thats what is used to tint windows and works great for cleaning them too! + its cheaper!

  24. gansvv says:

    Its interesting to see how you roll down the window a little, do the cleaning (including edges) and then roll up to clean off the base. Nice tip. thanks!

  25. Cdub510 says:

    fucking idiot

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