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Car Maintenance : How to Compound a Car

Polishing compound can be used on a car to help the paint look like it did when the car was brand new. Find out how to use a microfiber cloth when applying polishing compound to a car with help from car restoration specialists in this free video on car maintenance. Expert: Gary Malec & John Grassi Bio: Gary Malec and John Grassi rebuild cars and boats, do household handyman work, and build computers. Filmmaker: gary malec

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24 Responses to “Car Maintenance : How to Compound a Car”

  1. Dec24th says:

    Just what I need..thanks!!

  2. FanMynutz says:

    Brilliant – No advice to follow up the procedure with a protective coat of wax? You must be the vacuum guy at a seedy carwash somewhere.

  3. Thejugglinggnome says:

    wax on …
    wax off

  4. mysterytectonic says:

    love him, so cute were are you from? please dont say the mid west.

  5. robquilter says:

    Needs sealing next, using a polisher will give you better results.

  6. ravynx says:

    You do notice how the title says “How to Compound a Car” not “How to Compound and Wax a Car”, yes? C’mon man, you can easily search the web on how to wax a car.

  7. details78 says:

    You honestly think the average “driveway” car cleaner knows enough to follow up a compounding with a protectie coat of something? You must be a serious brain box.

  8. ravynx says:

    Yes, car waxing is common sense to everyone and they know they need it to protect the paint of the car. Not everyone knows about using rubbing compound to take care of the scratches; they think the wax will do that for them. Get off your little pedestal you have going there and have some faith in others. Sheeesh, freaking trolls.

  9. details78 says:

    Wax follow up is common sense for a professional. Not an amatuer. Your audience is mainly made up of amatuers. I would not assume that an amatuer knows enough to follow up a compounding with a wax. Are you one of those “ingorance is bliss” people? Fathered alot of unwanted children because: “well she never told me to pull out!!” People with minds like yours are dangerous.

  10. ravynx says:

    I’m not a professional to any extent in the autocare industry. I’m an amature myself and I just know that it’s common sense that if you’re “rubbing away” at the car that you need to put protection back on it. Continue with your childish insults if you wish; if anything it’s hurting your credibility.

  11. details78 says:

    You have too much faith in the average car care owner.

  12. cappy1509 says:

    It doesnt require elbow grease! it requires a machine polisher, you can’t brake down the compounds by hand!

  13. laker1516 says:


  14. irishkeats says:

    will this bring up a faded paint job to its original color as well?

  15. MrJgohde says:

    details78 – You are helping absolutely nobody!

  16. puentekidd says:

    Was that a big runny bird shit on the back of that guy’s T- shirt?

  17. geektar03 says:

    hey does the machine do a better job?

  18. PI5T0LP3T3 says:

    LOOK AT ME AMERICA, i have a video camera and some polishing compound… going to go make an ehow video!!!!!

  19. gianinline says:

    yes. The machine can do a better job than by doing manually, but compound will create swirls. So.. this is just the first step of restoring the original finish.

  20. cossiementalcraig says:

    you be there for a few year doing that llf why not use a polishing machine?

  21. MrRichierich1990 says:

    circular motion will put swirls in the paint.

  22. harmpsh says:

    circular motion does put swirls in the paint. up and down is the way to go

  23. gvjeter says:

    i’lls how you circular motion

  24. shivam220 says:

    dont scrub to hard or you’ll loose color

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