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Fixing minor scratches on a car requires rubbing compound and a smooth rag. Avoid burning through the paint when fixing scratches on a car with help from a specialist in car restoration in this free video on car maintenance and auto repairs. Expert: Gabe Braedt Bio: Gabe Braedt currently works restoring car bodies at a local shop. Filmmaker: stephen kuykendall

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14 Responses to “Car Maintenance : How to Fix a Minor Scratch on Your Car”

  1. daretowish3 says:

    that’s a good one! nice and simple

  2. ashwinisidhu says:

    u should have shown the scratch before applying the rubbing compound

  3. gasserized says:

    hi im doug ,i work with 20 other hotrod builders here at eggspurt village people…

  4. ramesh046 says:

    Where was the scratch in the first place?
    You just this wrong have you not??

  5. constantlydoped says:

    Clean your fingernails hillbilly!

  6. roughryder5 says:

    that looked like scuff marks. They come out easier

  7. gargamel55 says:

    clean ur fingernails too.. yuck

  8. badderthanyou says:

    polish type thing.

  9. krazymann15 says:

    i dont know… if i have ever seen anyone use a shirt to get a scratch out… i mean thats desperate. but honestly just shows so easy even a caveman can do it lol.

  10. LarryDavidFreak says:

    That was an absolute joke! First of all your just putting more scratches in your paint with that shitty little rag and 2 seconds of rubbing will do nothing! The best thing for scratches is a dual action polisher.

  11. USMC362 says:


  12. syncstation says:

    @LarryDavidFreak Agreed. If I did that to my bike i’d hang myself.

  13. xel183f says:

    i never seen the scratch

  14. woodmanhugh says:

    good to see an industrious young man doing a simple repair on an old chevy truck. keep up the good work.

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