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When flushing power steering fluid in a car, it helps to move the steering wheel side-to-side to make more fluid spew out. Flush new power steering fluid with the engine on with help from a specialist in car restoration in this free video on car maintenance and auto repairs. Expert: Gabe Braedt Bio: Gabe Braedt currently works restoring car bodies at a local shop. Filmmaker: stephen kuykendall

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24 Responses to “Car Maintenance : How to Flush Power Steering Fluid”

  1. siddo4ty4 says:

    Thanks for posting, very helpful!

  2. afjbernz38 says:

    did not explain well..not to mentioned really hard to understand his english diction…

  3. davison1021 says:

    lol y transmision fluid?

  4. morex122 says:

    yeah thanks a lot man, i was finally able to do it, after watching this

  5. garys737 says:

    Thank for the info, and THANKS for not putting that shitty BOM BOM music on you site.
    You are clear and concise……..

  6. linf543 says:

    for thos of you who thought he didnt explain well or thought this was complicated stay away from under the hood because thats basic shit.

  7. jgarsemrod says:

    buy a Haynes Manual and uses this videos as extra help.

  8. FKHAN69 says:

    nice intake manifold

  9. CocaColaGirl77 says:

    Not so smart to keep the car running if the belt is right next to what you r working on. If the belt your clothing can get in it… I would also recommend you always work with the car off, unless needed for it to be on. This is my sisters account by the way.

  10. jayguy173 says:

    you need fancy valve covers it will look so much better


    yeah, have you seen some of the other vid’s ? this guy is at least making sense. and seems to know something about cars lol


    screw the belts! watch out for the fan! it could take your hand off quick! that fan is metal and moving very fast, will not give at all! snap a bone, cut flesh like butter! shrouds are there for a reason .


    reminds me of a couple of my cars, no shroud, watch out for that fan! I lost a finger. PING! nice vid though

  14. ezkeyboardkid58 says:

    i have one for all of my cars (fuck the mechanics lol)

  15. kitchwatembo says:

    this video would be better if you actually did it

  16. maxestuardo says:

    is it better if I put olive oil in the steering pump?

  17. ghtowagon says:

    This method is horrible. If you remove the return line from the pump or reservoir (USALLY its clamped on) you can barb the hose, extend it, Plug the return line hose off the pump or reservoir. Fill er up. Let it run, Let it leak out the barbed, extended hose.

  18. Matthew55904 says:

    never in my family have we ever or needed to flush power steering fluid

  19. georgenikolas2050 says:

    NEED HELP. my 1992 ford 4×4 F-350 truck turns fine to the left but is very difficult to turn to the right unless i’m moving. is that my power steering pump or some other problem

  20. urbex2007 says:

    You forgot to show how to do it – there is one thing repeating what you heard elsewhere and another having practical skils.
    This is the usual rubbish from ExpertVillage.

  21. 3wheeler016 says:

    NO. DO NOT put ATF in your power steering pump! Ever wonder why they make special power steering fluid? ATF fluid will slowly but surely destroy the system.

  22. pitubg says:


  23. Yinoke7 says:

    if you take both lines off the gear box then you wont be able to flush out the gear box. it will flow from the pump to the line you took off. so i would take off the return line to the power steering reservoir. that way it can flush out all of it.

  24. XavierHolland says:


    This could be several things. You could have a bad belt slipping, power steering pump failing, cracked or leaking power steering line, or the worst problem of all. Joints. Woo, that’s a bitch right there…

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