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Before attempting to install new car windshield wipers, remove the current wiper blades and take them to an auto parts store to get the correct make and model. Discover how to make sure a wiper blade clicks into place with help from car restoration specialists in this free video on car maintenance. Expert: Gary Malec & John Grassi Bio: Gary Malec and John Grassi rebuild cars and boats, do household handyman work, and build computers. Filmmaker: gary malec

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4 Responses to “Car Maintenance : How to Install Car Windshield Wipers”

  1. XxXxElPresidentexXxX says:

    thanks sooo much! i had to change the wiper blades on my moms car for a long trip 5/5

  2. ajitkanada says:

    Thanks so much.I could fix wiper for my Nissan sentra with this

  3. arriaggie says:

    Thank you for your help. I did it, still can’t figure how I did it, but nonetheless, thank you.

  4. superslovak22 says:

    the funny thing is lots of people dont know how to do this lol

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