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Car Parts & Safety : How to Rotate Tires

In order to properly rotate tires, take the front tires off and move them directly to the back, and take the rear tires off and cross them before moving them to the front. Rotate a car’s tires every 5000 miles with information from anauto mechanic in this free video on car parts and safety. Expert: Earl Kester Sr. Bio: Earl Kester Sr. has more than 50 years of experience as an auto mechanic. Filmmaker: Carlye Jones

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8 Responses to “Car Parts & Safety : How to Rotate Tires”

  1. neo214 says:

    Every 5000, wow! I’m slackin

  2. blackmidgetjew says:

    very helpful, thank you

  3. SeikoPsycho says:

    where are your wheels at, guy?

  4. ignaciogg says:

    What about torque the wheels after the job to the right specs ?

  5. 50N1C800M says:

    thank you…..much better than expert village

  6. blackdragonfamily says:

    why is he rubbing the tire like that lol

  7. elmoi213 says:

    yea i thought he was about to start humpin that tire lol

  8. AyCorundum says:

    Thanks! That’ll save a few bucks!

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