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In order to change auto transmission fluid, drain the fluid out of the car, replace the filter, put a new gasket on the drain pan and add five to seven quarts of transmission fluid. Discover why transmission fluid should be changed every 30000 miles with help from an ASE-certified technician in this free video on car maintenance. Expert: Chuck Orlandi Contact: Bio: Chuck Orlandi is an ASE-certified technician who is experienced in all types of automotive service. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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11 Responses to “Car Problems & Maintenance : How to Change Auto Transmission Fluid”

  1. aksolder says:

    do honda civic 98 got a filter or they dont have filters ?

  2. rbu2m says:

    I have a Kia sportage. The manual says it uses Dexron IIE, but at the auto shop they gave me DEXIII/M, Is that ok to use?

  3. ShinGakuma says:

    what he forgot to mention is that the remaining tranny fluid is still in the cooler lines 🙂

  4. stevenj21787 says:

    I had a 1997 chevy Monte Carlo I brought is in to have the tranny fluid replaced and a alignment the tranny shit out about 3,000 miles after that change. with only 120,000 miles on it. But the worst part was the passenger tire snapped off on the highway after my alignment.. Just remember to check your torque specs when leaving…

  5. FleshWound42 says:

    I agree, in this instance (not changing the filter) they should’ve flushed the old fluid by disconecting the the cooler lines or at least blown it back into the pan (also through the cooler lines)

  6. ShinGakuma says:

    Or they could’ve taken out the out fluid that way (opening drain plug) and let the old fluid (from the torque converter) and cooler lines. That would take overnight(at the owner’s expense). Wanna know why? the fluid in the torque converter doesn’t pour out, it drizzles out. That’s why when you open the hood without warming the car up, the fluid is like way above the mark.

  7. FleshWound42 says:

    Actually only half the oil from the Torque Converter will drain back into the pan. It would never empty out completely by draining, and that is why you check the trans oil while the car is running.

  8. ShinGakuma says:

    correct. So that’s why I saw on one video, he took one of the cooler lines out and used a custom hose to take the rest out the torque converter. Need a custom hose, anyone got some?

  9. mimozastela says:

    i have 03 neon sxt 2.0. My transmission leaks, cant do it right now because i don’t have the money. i put around 1/3 fluid less than that, when i started moving the engine was shaking crazy, I stopped and the engine just quited and i heard a POP sound. IF I OVERFILLED WITH FLUID WHAT WOULD IT DO TO THE TRANS. ALSO I KNOW THE PLACE THE WHERE IT LEAKS, WHATS THE BEST PRODUCT OUT THERE?

  10. arronwalker1 says:

    Ok, I’m sorry but I didn’t get anything from that. All you he did was talk. I didn’t see him change a filter, or a pan gasket. If your going to tell people that you’re going to show them how to do this then thats what you need to do.

  11. performz28 says:

    @arronwalker1 Exactly!!

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