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Bleeding air from car brakes is usually a two-person job that requires somebody inside of the car pushing on the brake pedal to push fluid and air back to the bleeder. Loosen the bleeder while somebody pushes on the brake pedal with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on car repairs and maintenance. Expert: Earl Kester Sr. Bio: Earl Kester Sr. has more than 50 years of experience as an auto mechanic. Filmmaker: Carlye Jones

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16 Responses to “Car Repair & Maintenance : How to Bleed Air From Brakes”

  1. EUGKUZ2000 says:

    you suck!

  2. khool77 says:

    thanks dude great tips

  3. jeepers2655 says:

    Camera Shy…..

  4. andro5693 says:

    when your bleeding your brake does your engine have to be running or not?

  5. saintEmory says:

    no car needs to remain off when bleeding brakes

  6. TheGuyOnDownStreet says:

    does not matter.

  7. benarovi says:

    wtf is this guy saying he mumbles way too much

  8. chompychomps says:

    If this guy’s name was anything but “Earl,” I would be severely disappointed.

  9. DiegoHarmon says:

    Good advice hes telling the truth, i like to use
    the stick or pole and having electric seats makes
    it easier

  10. brucekirk89 says:

    if you run your car wile you do this the abs will not let you bleed the breaks at all.actually when you do the breaks with ABS you need to take off the positive on the battery.

  11. croncone says:

    Pump it! pump it! pump, pump it up! lol…

  12. dave1234fuknab says:

    take off the positive on the battery?

    Why so?

  13. 69comet69 says:

    Thanks Earl, worked like a charm!

  14. TheMockingbirddude says:

    haha. I agree with the Earl statement… he fits the proflle.

  15. stang20877 says:

    excellent video! thanks, it really helped me.

  16. igrewold says:

    Thanx a lot man.

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