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Changing a flat tire is fairly simple with the proper floor jack and jack placement. Use a lug wrench to remove the lug nuts when changing a flat tire with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on car repairs and maintenance. Expert: Earl Kester Sr. Bio: Earl Kester Sr. has more than 50 years of experience as an auto mechanic. Filmmaker: Carlye Jones

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14 Responses to “Car Repair & Maintenance : How to Change a Flat Tire”

  1. Eatingum says:

    first comment

  2. hdzsound says:

    did it once, its easy. easier then driving

  3. jarediscool77 says:


  4. GTAmaniac612 says:

    hahahahahaha funny how some people know how to drive a car but they don’t know how to change a tire.

  5. JesseQuintana says:

    I love jou!

  6. stancamp says:

    I’d just buy another car

  7. JayBrizzle says:

    Idiot….everyone know’s you should break the nuts loose when the wheel is still on the ground. Then lift the vehical and remove the nuts.

  8. Mexicanvato619 says:

    yep we know that but first timers might forget and then remember and instead of placing the car on the floor again they will remember from this video that they can put on the emergency break on and it will work, for the front wheels though u have to have it on the ground and unscrew the nuts or if u fuck up then have some one step on the breaks or put it on the ground again LOL

  9. JayBrizzle says:

    This is true….

  10. sandysandy9911 says:

    only if removing by hand, not if using impact wrench.

  11. JayBrizzle says:

    sandy sandy sandy…. who has in pneumatic impact wrench when you’re stuck on the freeway or away from the garage? This video is about how to change a flat…. not auto mechanic 101.


  12. sandysandy9911 says:

    yeah, but you can get battery inpact whrenches an ones that conect to your cigarrette lghter socket

  13. SuperBlonde1991 says:

    Excuse you, don’t call my grandpa an idiot hes been working on cars before your mom was born. He knows more about cars then you know how to put your pants on.

  14. AnimepimpYT says:

    thats a met!

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