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Besides fixing a foggy headlight through replacement, an alternative is buying a kit that comes with a cleaner and a buffer. Put a buffer on a drill to clean headlights with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on car repairs and maintenance. Expert: Earl Kester Sr. Bio: Earl Kester Sr. has more than 50 years of experience as an auto mechanic. Filmmaker: Carlye Jones

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13 Responses to “Car Repair & Maintenance : How to Fix & Clean Foggy Headlights”

  1. r0flpr0 says:

    holy crap this guy sucks at talking

  2. dkamcomie says:

    Becarful of the kits you get for lens restoration. Many kits will just simply rewax the lens assembly, making the problem worse. besure to read and understand all the instructions and equpiment needed to restore your head lights.

  3. SPLITZRZR says:

    cool thanks

  4. computerdborbo says:

    nice ford

  5. longdickandwhat says:

    what if its foggy inside the lights

  6. megafast13 says:

    The kits don’t “rewax” they include a polish which removes the build up.

  7. megafast13 says:

    This Guy is retarded, and can’t talk.

    what a hillbilly

  8. SuperBlonde1991 says:

    Hes not a hillbilly you stupid ass, its the sound on the camera. Why don’t you shove your head back where it belongs

  9. RacerE7773 says:

    Generally there is a gap somewhere between the lens and the rest of the headlight. Then the moisture gets in and causes the fogging. I’ve seen it on quite a few cars.

  10. Phelix74 says:

    I think he talks just fine. I don’t know what you guys are talking about.

  11. TheIRONBOYZ says:

    I feel for the man commenting on the voice. You must have a lot of heart ache in life! Dont judge a man from the outside, There a lot of goodness from being humble and simple! GOG BLESS YOU!

  12. TheIRONBOYZ says:

    I meant GOD BLESS YOU!

  13. Qriminal says:

    just use toothpast…. it really works

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