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The best way to remove the residue left by decal stickers on a car is by using a razor blade and Windex. Use caution when removing decal stickers with razor blades with help from an auto mechanic in this free video on car repairs and maintenance. Expert: Earl Kester Sr. Bio: Earl Kester Sr. has more than 50 years of experience as an auto mechanic. Filmmaker: Carlye Jones

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20 Responses to “Car Repair & Maintenance : How to Remove Decal Stickum From a Car Window”

  1. roflstudio says:

    fist post eat it bichez

  2. Neppybutt says:

    When do you use WD-40 to remove decals, off of paint or metal?

  3. laxman11567 says:

    this is the stipidest vidio ever

  4. freebird665 says:


  5. marthanyc says:

    Thank you for this demonstration!

  6. x1te says:

    Thank you Expert Village for teaching me how to remove a sticker from a window.

  7. snappleapplecream says:

    wat a ladies man

  8. DryWhiskey says:

    the razor was good idea

  9. coolglock19 says:


  10. MisterKill666 says:

    nice .. this is gonna help a lot, now i’ll go to all our car’s and remove all that glue residue that’s left on the windows “windshield and right/front window” coz of the stupid IMPORT stickers they just have to put on each car which is sticked with rediculous glue that is impossable to get rid of.. but i think this method will help.. thx guys

  11. PakiSoldier31 says:

    Nice. I don’t need to do it but it’s good to know how.

  12. 666LordInfamous666 says:

    Pro Tip: Use Egg Whites to remove sticker from body of a car.

  13. UntergrundBaer says:

    you could also use some head! that’s working very good as well!

  14. MeLikeGoFast says:

    You might want to buy a two dollar razor holder. IT makes this job much safer. Also, wd40 works great to remove the sticky residue if there is any. OF course after the wd40 you would have to wipe with glass cleaner to get the glass clean.

  15. ToddDavis5050 says:

    Spend $5 and buy something called the “Sticker shield”.
    That way you can just peel it off.

  16. RacerE7773 says:

    Even better are the razor scrapers with the long handle; I don’t know how many times I’d nearly cut myself or dropped the blade/short handle 99 cent holder.

  17. huffy15 says:

    this guy has just knew that youtube video it’s cool that’s why papy made video lol

  18. RocMan209 says:


  19. sleepybone321 says:

    some times you see a car with a paint decal on the window like a sticker, can you remove those the same way? please if anyone could get back to me it would be great.

  20. Celica13850 says:

    what a guy

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