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Major scratches will not come out of a car’s windshield, but minor scratches can be fixed with a rubbing compound and an abrasive window cleaner. Use a polishing compound to remove scratches from a car windshield with help from an ASE-certified mechanic in this free video on auto repair and car maintenance. Expert: Tom Brintzenhofe Bio: Tom Brintzenhofe has been a mechanic for more than 17 years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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12 Responses to “Car Repair & Maintenance : Removing Scratches From Car Windshields”

  1. brokenwingsarefallin says:

    what exactly is this polishing compound??

  2. DrugReaper says:

    no offense but you look a little creepy…..

  3. weasel884 says:

    uhh dosent it say on turtle wax NOT to use on glass? hmm.

  4. deepen03 says:

    why are you doing this without first thoroughly cleaning the windshield? i can see a bunch of dirt on it.

  5. MADE1NVIETNAM says:

    @deepen03 haha

  6. deepen03 says:

    not a joke i was being serious the dirt would scratch the windshield thats why

  7. InitialDirt says:

    this DOOD is a jack nob

  8. Enigma758 says:

    Are you using the same rubbing compound for car bodies or a special rubbing compound for glass?

  9. pf126p says:

    The lighting needs to be better in this video. Can’t see squat.

  10. utsports says:

    you can take wet or dry silicon carbide sandpaper and sand deeper scratches out i used 500 grit it wasn’t real course but sanded scratch then went to 1500,2000,2500 then used cerium oxide with a buffing wheel and wool pad and with buffer and got my scratches out i have video of it on here under sanding windshield scratch

  11. Gisela0790 says:

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  12. SexSlave94 says:

    his mullet inspires confidence in me..

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