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Investigation of NBC4 about EZ Lube. Really interesting. Becareful the next time you go to an auto repair.

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24 Responses to “EZ Lube Investigation Undercover Video(Auto Repair Fraud)”

  1. frogca1 says:

    Unfortunately, if you paid $21.00 get that oil and filter out of your car ASAP! Most likely the oil was recycled or was somebody elses old oil and the filter never was changed. I had a friend that worked for Goodyear and this what they did to people they could not upsell to.

  2. frosty4700 says:

    Just change your own oil. It realy isn’t that hard unless you are handicapped or have medical conditions there is no reason to go to places like EZ-Lube. I have no mechanical experience but even than I was able to change shock absorbers and struts on Toyotta RAV4 2000. There are lots of good guides on you tube on how to do that….

  3. 69acoustic69 says:

    @RSherlock1 if he is responsible to any damage caused to the car after the repair, especially if it was a component that you did not specify to be repaired, he/the shop is required to pay for the damages. same happened to my friends 67 camaro. they claimed that they had built the intake bottom up, so new gaskets etc. the car came back with a dent in the hood. they had improperly mounted the carbourateur. they claimed that the damage was caused by the engine being too high.

  4. 69acoustic69 says:

    @RSherlock1 they said that to fix this, they removed the engine and lowered it . my friend brought me the car for inspection, im a certified mechanic. when i inspected the work that they claimed they did, i learned that the engine had not been adjusted at all, instead the carbourateur had been modified (without declaration of service) the shop has been ordered to refund the “engine height adjust” and pay for the hood dent to be repaired as it was consequential to their improper carb mounting.

  5. CMSpida says:

    lol the name of this place always makes me laugh

  6. supatoker420 says:

    What else would you expect from a company that sounds like they are ready to stick something up your ass?

    “it should be nice and red ;)”

  7. Fannysue65 says:

    I just had my oil changed at EZ Lube and was told my power steering fluid needed to be replaced. What the service guy didn’t know was that I had had it done at my Lexus dealer onl8y 5 months before and it onlyl needs to be done every 2 years.

  8. paleza10 says:

    still happening out there; STAY AWAY FROM THE COVINA LOCATION! Took Advantage of my 83-year old mother when she brought her coupon in for an oil change only! They managed to charge her up for $200 in unnecessary services. If this happens to you, remember to complain to the Bureau of Automotive Services!

  9. newtnice says:

    @frosty4700 i did change my own oil a few times,its just a hassle. first i need the proper epuipment some jacks to make it safe and then need something to put the old oil in and then take it to recycle it. its a lot of work. dont want to keep old oil just sitting there

  10. newtnice says:

    @bambambullies1 never trust a auto service named purrfect auto

  11. newtnice says:

    @carrieyazel we have econo lube out here in L.A right by my house. just a few them only

  12. newtnice says:

    @nsx4life2008 my dealership charges $39.95 for an oil change and no tire rotation

  13. bambambullies1 says:

    @newtnice yup we sure…but i wouldnt trust them either…im also from LA

  14. bambambullies1 says:

    stay away from these lube joints bc they will rip u off or cause damage to ur car

  15. BillyL6 says:

    gotta love channel 4.

  16. doronecw says:

    I got taken for a ride a few years ago when I went in for an oil change. Major chains are notorious for this.

  17. shakiralover2004 says:

    NBC is notorious for catching fuckers..To catch a predator and now this hahaha…GO NBC!!!

  18. braketool says:

    thats one company I had my car insurance company. transmission company and a tire company and a dealer try to rip me off caught all of them and had one shut down I have over 30yrs in automotive and trucking. thought they had a fool. get a 2nd opinion before u spent your hard earned money

  19. 7onisesa5 says:

    whatch out for THE ENGINE PROS. engine rebuild shop in corona ca.first they will give you a quote..they change it when they have your engine dissassemble.if you decline further repairs cause by then they sky rocket the upsells.. they will charge you 85% of the original estimate of rebuilding the whole motor. so by then you cannot go anywhere else.if you agree their quality is very poor using cheap chinnese pistons.. my brothers engine blew a rod 198 miles later.” remember209 blair st.corona ca.”

  20. 7onisesa5 says:


  21. apagan65 says:

    i believe, in my opinion, that if anyone who owns a car should learn how to service it. light repairs, such as oil changes, air filter changes, or any such service that the “lube service stations” perform,car owners should do the repairs themselves.They should purchase a repair manual for their vehicle and learn the mechanics behind their vehicle.if there is an extensive repair to be done, or if they just don’t want to get dirty,car owners should go to mechanics that they know and trust.


    Craigslist for auto repairs is the best, all the money goes to the person doing the work.Most of the time you take the car to there house and they really don’t want to screw you because its more personal and you know where they live.

  23. kenman1717 says:

    yes prices vary from shop to shop. but upselling stuff, yes some places try to rip people off, but others are just doing their jobs, and the stuff trying to be sold is needed. but can you honestly say that when you bring your car in for an oil change, your pissed off if they come tell you that you need an air filter and that you have a severe axle seal leak, and that your transmission fluid is burnt, and they procede to show you whats wrong. at least where i work we show people.

  24. dannycrouch says:

    EZ Lube recently switched to “Raceteam” motor oil which is also sold at Dollar Store Markets.
    To get a name brand oil (i.e. Castrol, etc.) you have to pay an additional fee on-top of their advertized price. This is another way to get you into the shop and charge you more. I was unable to find any certifications or standards for Raceteam oil & I don’t plan on letting them put it in my car again. Raceteam isn’t even listed as one of the 60+ Brands on the Wikipedia Motor Oil page -as of 2/18/2011.

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