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Finally!! The Auto Repair Show!

It took a while, but the auto repair video is finally completed! The original content was trimmed extensively to get it down to the length it is now. Also, thanks to YouTube for bestowing me with Director status, otherwise I would not be able to post this whole thing!

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20 Responses to “Finally!! The Auto Repair Show!”

  1. BNDS9 says:

    That was a great idea for a video video.

  2. jgrab81 says:

    the only thing i know about cars is how to put gas in and how to drive to the lube shop for an oil change LOL good job and have a great day!

  3. mutant4life says:

    How long did fixing the whole thing take you?

    Magnets are fun, I used to collect them and I had one of the big round ones that could pick up 50 lbs. It was the best magnet I’ve ever had, but it was a bit bulky.

  4. spore73 says:

    I enjoy this video …post more auto repairs. im interested..oh yeah great beard!!! peace

  5. ghemilio13 says:

    Can you port & polish heads?

  6. diecastbeatdown says:

    nice work, i’m a diy mechanic and appreciate the effort to show this video.

  7. DenLorsTools says:

    Maybe I missed it, What type of vehicle is this?

  8. 565Customz says:

    god i hope this guy isnt on flat rate….hes slower than mollases running up hill….just replace the damn lifter no one repairs them they are to cheap unless your build performance motors

  9. gstraitman says:

    learned some, but why not film the work instead of your pretty face. Actually keep up the good work

  10. simplydub says:

    he’s what u call a country fogie

  11. SiriusLightheart says:

    It took a couple of hours.

  12. SiriusLightheart says:

    Nope. Wish I could, but I don’t know how, nor do I have the equipment.

  13. SiriusLightheart says:

    1983 Air-cooled Volkswagen Vanagon

  14. SiriusLightheart says:

    Nope, I wasn’t on any rate. This was my car, so the speed of molasses is moot. Also, I would never swap out just one lifter as it would not match the rest of the set. I would always swap out the whole set.

  15. SiriusLightheart says:

    I beg to differ. I’m what YOU call a country fogie. The other CONTRIBUTING members seem to have a higher opinion of me. Here’s a challenge, produce something better and post it if you are able.

  16. iman369 says:

    thank you for the plastic bag trick. it has many other uses. I can’t count how many times I have found myself on the ground looking for a spring/clip.

  17. madoc500 says:

    Hey Chap,

    I got the same van and potentially the same problem. How did you fish the lifter out the push rod tube ?? Did the push rod tube need to come out ?



  18. rasduby says:

    do you have a greasy camera

  19. KraZmija says:

    I have an “01 chevy malibu and the water pump went out on it do u no how to fix it and if u do can u put it in words i could undersand i’d rather do it myself so that i wouldn’t have to pay with the economic problems were having today.

  20. scoteastjr says:


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