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Finding Oil Leaks Shop Tips

Shop Tips Finding Oil Leaks in cooperation with One Stop Auto Care Moreno Valley, CA Technician using flourescent dye and ultraviolet light to find leak source.

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5 Responses to “Finding Oil Leaks Shop Tips”

  1. leandro5537 says:

    i got a question are all oil leaks fixable?? please explain the answer if you can so i can know for sure…
    thanks…. great vid

  2. 666mada666 says:

    i have the same oil leak on the same engine and i wanna know what seal it is and where do u get that dye and light

  3. xxhitmankillxx says:

    i think i have oil leaking from the same area to

  4. mksdrywall says:

    most of this cars is the or the timing seal

  5. bharfarar says:

    used to live in MoValley in the late 80’s-early 90’s …up Pigeon Pass Road. Back when it was a nice town – everything new – houses, schools, roads. Then the black and mexican gangs hit town, and it was ruined in a year. Got outta town with “only” a $10k loss, and I felt lucky then. White people are no longer safe in your town. If I was still there I’d be in jail for defending my family against those subhumans.

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