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Gran Turismo 5: GT Auto Car service and Maintenance. Credits to tekken90cz. GT5 for November 24 2010 only on PS3.

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25 Responses to “Gran Turismo 5 – GT Auto – Car Service and Maintenance”

  1. AndreiRF says:

    tnx for video, paste more

  2. PhaetonPower says:

    i just found out that only 200 cars have cockpit
    come on, wtf is wrong with you guys?
    6 years?
    forza 3 has over 300 cars (it still sucks), but at least all cars in forza 3 have cockpits. gran turismo, what the fuck is wrong with you
    yeah 200 cars cockpit, 800 cars gran turismo 4 style, right?

  3. megaearplugger says:

    @mr2gtsallami well, you can changr wheels for 200+ premium cars so doesnt really bother me

  4. eran0004 says:

    @PhaetonPower The interiors are more detailed in GT5 so it probably required more hours per car to model than Forza. I think that is the simple explanation. Also, they didn’t take 6 years to model the cars, I think they used some of the time to create other features in the game too…

  5. shaneanus says:

    if u have to service ur car…IM GONNA TAKE ONE AN RUN IT INTO THE FUCKN GROUND……..yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

  6. poncho828 says:

    weak civic i hate hatchbacks

  7. DudeofWonders123 says:

    @PhaetonPower Wrong.. From what I’ve read, 200 of those cars are premium, they all have extremely detailed interiors, and for the other 800 standard cars, they DO have interior views but there not as detailed as the premium cars, also I believe that the other 800 cars aren’t gran turismo 4 style, they are more up to today’s standards for looks but just don’t have as much detail as the other 200 cars

  8. ipodxdude says:

    the song is the entertainer and this video did just that

  9. ipodxdude says:

    @PhaetonPower the problem wasn’t the rendering, modelling, programming and texturing of every car but it was due to security reasons because some hackers jail broken the PS3 (3 years after release) using a USB device that was made so gamers could turn their console into a developer model and run their home made games on the system itself

  10. amanR10 says:

    all this waiting and you cant even change tires on standart cars?? the cars that need the most that feature are the standard cars , wtf is wrong with PD. there so many cars that have shit rims like this civic. in gt4 u could change the tire in any car. they wouldnt of died if they added this feature to standard car. no cockpit, no damage, no tires, less details. wtf is wrong with these guys, they better fix this problem when the game comes out.

  11. BeattieBullet94 says:

    No more custom rims for standard cars 🙁 Oh well theres still racing mods 😀 And i think theyre much better! 🙂

  12. bochan16 says:

    i could cry

  13. theringfilm1 says:

    wait… how does this guy have a copy already?

  14. theringfilm1 says:

    @theringfilm1 IKR

  15. Andyc18 says:

    You can’t change the alloys on a standard car??!! Even GT2 had that feature, WTF is going on, I have been really pumped about this game and I still am but if the PS1 could handle changing alloys on any car then why can’t GT5 on the PS3?!

  16. buckstrickland2 says:

    can u bring forward credits and cars from gt5 prologue?

  17. PhaetonPower says:

    so… 1000 cars and only 200 with cockpit. like gran turismo 4 plus 300 cars more and only 200 cars of 1000 have cockpit plus better graphics?
    is that all gran turismo 5? after 6 years? and dont tell me i should do it better! thats just bullshit that they bring out a unfinished game. imagine: everytime you buy a car, you have to hope that it has cockpit view…
    and when you test it….. oh nooooo. no cockpit

  18. eltonno1980 says:

    WTF!!! 1:27 „you cannot change the wheels on standard model car.“

    You cant do nothing with standar cars!

    So why have this game over 1000 cars, only for garage???WTF AAARGGH

  19. eltonno1980 says:

    @PhaetonPower you can split when you buy a car between standart and premium cars. premium cars have a cockpitview, standart cars dont have it …

  20. nioxic says:

    why do you put a spoiler on a frontwheel drive car? :<

    ruins frontwheel grip.. lose control and speed. (in the real world)

  21. NomuraVidz says:


  22. asmmargod says:

    this looks all rather pathetic =-D

  23. 16Vvts says:

    Putain je risque d’être déçu, la majorité des caisses du titre sont des standards et on ne peut rien faire dessus (cockpit, jantes, kit racing,…). ça frole très sérieusement le foutage de gueule !!!

  24. kind18cch says:

    did he drank all the old oil?

  25. poet215 says:

    good job boys…take 5

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