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Learn how to inspect the brake shoe on a car with expert automotive tips in this free online auto repair and car maintenance video clip. Expert: Nathan McCullough Bio: Nathan McCullough graduated from Nashville Auto-Diesel College with a GPA of 3.5 and received their Craftsmanship Award and Honor Seal. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers

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15 Responses to “How to Adjust Brake Drums on Cars : How to Inspect a Brake Shoe”

  1. bkjoelover says:

    is it safe to run your fingers through brake dust?

  2. Luis29999 says:

    I was reading a book and it says that it is not because it can cause cancer. Anything can give you cancer these days.

  3. alant470 says:

    Sorry, but the shoe with the least amount of friction material is the primary shoe. It should be the LEADING shoe on a duo-servo type brake system.

    Educate yourself before you attempt to educate others.

  4. cozycraig says:

    how do i take the drum off my 92 celica?

  5. silentblackhat says:

    Those are the older type of brake pads that contain asbestos i believe that arent good to touch like that. If its a newer car that doesnt contain that, you are good.

  6. silentblackhat says:

    What I found on the internet, this video is correct.

  7. peckens says:

    take a hammer and tap it to break your drum free and it should come off

  8. sk8erdude130 says:

    just because its an older vehicle doesnt mean it contain abestes

  9. MDizzel16 says:

    according to california you are correct

  10. lbcitezen says:

    use a rubber mallet. Don’t use a metal hammer, nothing ever comes good when you strike something with one.

  11. 1940films says:

    Thank you, Good info.

  12. randrewromero says:

    i agree, the primary actually has the least amount of material. the large amt is the secondary

  13. hmong337 says:

    you didn’t explain how to adjust them… Expert village fail.

  14. ladycurious1 says:

    fuck you…

  15. bhstone1 says:


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