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Learn how to use a paint-mixing stations, base colors and automotive paint codes to match car paint for auto-body repair in this free auto-body repair video. Expert: Lyndon Graves Bio: Lyndon Graves, has been a professional insurance adjuster, and specializes in automobile industry. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

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10 Responses to “How to: Car Repair : How Car Paint is Matched for Auto Repair”

  1. zak19669 says:

    you didnt check for alternates most all formulas come with alts check alts first save time

  2. EvolutionIXRR says:

    nexa autocolor. it has a good color match.

  3. scottmn1 says:

    He only skims the surface of how its done. I own an auto body shop and can assure you it isn’t always that simple. Ocassionally you will get a color that is a real sob and you can tint all day before you get a blendable color match, especially on high pearl colors.

  4. grunt182820 says:

    if only it was that easy
    but then again
    if you do anything long enough
    golds and whites had lots of probs with

  5. waltsa200 says:

    PPG has the “Profit” camera that takes a picture of the color and creates the Mixing formula for your automotive paint needs.

  6. april97cobra says:

    thats pretty cool.

  7. mikecameli says:

    the worst thing a body shop dose with a car is not detailing or buffing the finsh to what is should look like if u match the paint to a dirty car or a oxidized finsh it will never match no matter what the paint camera says or the eye when the car gets detaild id will stick out like busted nose

  8. SDJOE1 says:

    Now see, why dont they have the painter in this vid? This dude went to class or read books & works in the office. U only dot the car with solid colors & maybe clean the scale a lil. Blue kills yellow, red kills green & vise versa. Aside from learning on the job, color wheels might be the best way to learn how to tint

  9. Chevrolet490 says:

    @waltsa200 were can i find ppg profit camera

  10. Hot80s says:

    Wear a kilt so i can call you Rowdy Ronnie Piper.

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