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Don’t forget to install o-ring onto transmission gasket. Learn how to remove and reinstall a transmission fluid filter when changing transmission fluid in this free auto maintenance video from a car repair professional. Expert: Nathan McCullough Bio: Nathan McCullough graduated from Nashville Auto-Diesel College with a GPA of 3.5 and received their Craftsmanship Award and Honor Seal. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers

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25 Responses to “How to Change Transmission Fluid : How to Install Transmission Fluid Filter”

  1. MrKelleysean says:

    all gm,ford,cadillac have trans filters,you change it every 75,000 miles

  2. MIORIGAMI says:

    how do I tell where this video starts, and the next steps are? I’d hate to get mixed up.

  3. ponchoyo says:

    in some cases you can just clean out the old filter with ATF and reuse it.

  4. Transam941 says:

    Yeah, cars aren’t cheap and they are good to you if you are good to them. Its better to replace the filter. Im sure you could reuse the filter if money was an issue, but it should be replaced.

  5. orgasmoman69 says:

    my gfriends 2001 Au falcon..when it changes into third gear, it really thumps in2 the gear most of the time and its prity loud…is it low on trans fluid or what?

  6. matthewt2010 says:


  7. dannyboygp says:

    your clutches are bad. i have a 97 chevy lumina and it has a hard 1st to 2nd hard thump/shift. also look on ur dipstick and see if the fluid looks balck or smells burnt. that will also cause it. but most likely its the clutches that are going. hope this helps

  8. orgasmoman69 says:

    yeah its an Au falcon so they dont have a dipstick for the trans oil…we sold it recently cause we couldnt get the thing road worthy without paying $1000(thats without finding other problems)…but yeah appreciate it n e ways…u should get “guitar hero METALICA”….it is full on shit

  9. johnkaoszed says:

    i have lexus rx300 which is the best way to change the transmission oil to flush it all 9 qt or just 3.3 qt and change the filter

  10. bradmann85 says:

    @orgasmoman69 i had a 99 cheavy cavalier that was like that. it was mostly a throw away transmission that goes out quickly.

  11. ziegelbauer says:

    i just did that with a fmx transmission on a 1969 mustang what a pain to get the filter on lol

  12. slipp1229 says:

    This Michigan Do- It- Yourself auto repair guy is the BEST! Clear instruction and well spoken. THANKS!

  13. coldcash12345 says:

    grease the o-ring next time, works well.

  14. BigBadItalian510 says:

    Yeah I’m not saying that these are bad videos at all, but I have seen some mistakes. One has been pointed out by someone on here which is, he did not lube the o-ring. That could cause it to dry and crack, or just harden, either way it’s not sealing right. Also not all transmissions are aluminum, in most new cars they are but some older ones they are not. Also check for metal shavings in the pan, and on some tranny pans there is a magnet to catch them, you will want to clean that off.

  15. carltonable5 says:

    now is this the same way for suvs and trucks of so somebody let me know

  16. leonlai1988 says:

    how often do we change the transmission filter?

  17. iamthedevilhere says:

    fucking hottie

  18. ORTMA05 says:

    es el mejor en detalles

  19. Descotto790 says:

    way to grease that o ring

  20. mickblock says:

    WHY do all the expertvillage automotive videos fail to acknowledge that they are giving instructions specific to the vehicle being worked on? And they always start in the middle of a project.

  21. FutureMarine246 says:

    @leonlai1988 usually you are supposed to replace the filter and fluid every 100,000 miles, 50,000 if you drive in heavy stop go traffic everyday

  22. knockoutmaniac says:

    1:50 …

  23. pizzaisyummy86 says:

    I have a question for all of you guys who know your cars well. I have a 03 saturn vue with 78,300 miles on it. The last time I got my oil changed a employee said I should change my rear differential oil and flush my tranny oil. I am just a little confused cause I thought you were supossed to do these things at 100,000 miles. The car itself runs good but I don’t wanna fuck it up by leaving dirty oils in there. Please let me know

    thank you

  24. chrisluton21 says:

    For people who don’t have any idea what’s going on under the hood. This is a great video. They are simple and to the point. Plain English. I know a lot of people comment that he’s not doing everything perfectly. But for me, a guy who knows nothing about his vehicle. This was a great learning opportunity.

  25. MegaVeenz says:

    expertvillage is shit.

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