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Tips for lining up gasket with transmission case. Remove as much of old gasket material as possible. Learn how to properly install gasket when changing transmission fluid in this free auto maintenance video from a car repair professional. Expert: Nathan McCullough Bio: Nathan McCullough graduated from Nashville Auto-Diesel College with a GPA of 3.5 and received their Craftsmanship Award and Honor Seal. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers

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25 Responses to “How to Change Transmission Fluid : How to Install Transmission Gasket”

  1. denikosh says:

    thank you, very good way of explanation!

  2. lucky1476 says:

    Thank u this was very helpful good explanation

  3. itsdonenow says:

    I have watched a lot of expert village’s videos and this is the first one I think is 100% crap. Never do this because you could end up with spots or pockets which will create an uneven sealing surface which will end up leaking. You should just line up the gasket, put a bolt through the pan and gasket like you would if you were going to install it, tighten the bolts so there is still a little play with the gasket so you can get the rest of the bolts in. Then tighten them to the torque you need.

  4. Katlunazul says:

    If this is the only one you saw that is 100% crap, then you have not seen 50% of the videos.

    Although, I am not saying if this is crap or not.


    Ford Escape 05.. anyone here for suggestions on Tranny fluid change procedure along with filter change?

  6. brownmachine6969 says:

    fucken stupid comercial, i’m sick of it!!!

  7. HERAS4LIFE says:

    does the car have to be on the whole time?

  8. Mralaskagram says:

    @brownmachine6969 u r an idiot, if u don’t appreciate the help… don’t look for it.

  9. brownmachine6969 says:

    @mralaskagram==no dumb ass, im talking about the stupid banner that keeps popping up on the screen blocking the video you fool…..

  10. Mralaskagram says:

    I am NOT mralaskagram!!! How did you get my e-mail.Before sending obscene e-mails double check your address’s.

  11. brownmachine6969 says:

    @Mralaskagram ,,,thats the name you post under….
    so stop lying….

  12. Mralaskagram says:

    It turns out it was my wife looking for help,which she found.We don’t get pop ups because we know how how to protect ourselves,a very simple basic thing that seems to have escaped you.Of course you got to wonder about someone who can’t express themselves any better than a 13 year old.

  13. brownmachine6969 says:

    @Mralaskagram what ever man , stop using your supposed wife as an excuse for your retarded ways….

  14. Mralaskagram says:

    Are you under 18 or 13?

  15. themgators511 says:

    Can I just use adheasive sealent for the gasket instead?

  16. lightningsmokerXx says:

    when i bought my tranny oil pan from chrysler they gave me RTV in a squeeze bottle to use instead of the gasket.

  17. coldcash12345 says:


  18. coldcash12345 says:

    No. A gasket must be used for certain transmissions, and ones that dont use gaskets, such as a 604 tranny, along with others, use silicon to seal the pan to the case.

  19. lightningsmokerXx says:

    @coldcash12345 it’s a silicone. Room-Temperature-Vulcanizing

  20. coldcash12345 says:

    hmm, if it was given by the dealer then i would assume it would be ok.

  21. 21kool21 says:

    is it ok to use regular silicone?

  22. KombatMortal123 says:

    @themgators511 sure wont hurt anything….

  23. living4fire says:

    Would it be ok to use Permatex Right Stuff instead of a cork/paper/rubber gasket, if so should i just go around like how he did in this video and go around each bolt hole? Thanks.

  24. xXCannonXx says:

    James Taylor AKA Tony Taylor works at Ace’s Transmission. How bout go to him he’s best builder in Tennessee and hes my father. (:

  25. Dreadneck says:

    My manual says don’t use any of that special glue…take it with a grain of salt or as gospel truth?

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